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the convertible top wont latch into the trunk on both sides?
vehicle just towed in and car will only go into reverse
Just got car not even 2 months ago and car was back at dealer for 3 times for the radiator and now this. Salesman trying to tell me that i bought as is however there is in no way it past safety inspection. I would lik...
any info would be helpful on this code (p2188).
My onstar diagnostic report is giving me these codes, and my car seems to want to drag or kill when I hit the brakes. My mechanic shop says that their diagnostic machine is not picking uop anything. I just changed m...
Diagnostic test showed something to do with the cam shaft, but car runs perfectly.
battery does not lift staight up do i need to remove any brackets or anything else to remove/install battery
My sky was reading coolant low, so i bought and installed new water pump. Will this correct problem, I also bought new belt and put it on.