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It does not seem to be in usual place at top of radiator hose connection. I woould like to try replacing it.
Stick shift. Radio, lights etc work. have to wiggle wheel to turn the key. teeth on key worn out. sometimes (very rarely) it starts right up. can push to start. (sometimes)
This vehicle has a sun roof. Door gaskets seem to OK. The wet area is immediately in front of the driver's seat and immediately in front of the passenger seat. In all instances the car has been parked and not driven.
My 1.9ltr engine in my 2001 Saturn 3 DR RunAbout.Will a 1996 SC1 1.9 ltr Saturn swap with no problems or additional parts need for it to work? Thanks!
My security light is tuck on the on position and the car will not start. It goes to start but its almost like the fuel isn't getting to the engine. I read in the manual that the security light being on could stop it...
Past 2 compression so I have been told that it could be the valve seals
The tail lights or dash dont come on at all, its just a loose wire somewhere and my break lights work fine, so if anyone happens to know where i can find the wires thatd be great
The dash lights that illuminate the speedometer and the tachometer have gone out. I am having a problem locating which fuse controls the dash lights. I have read the manual but I do not see any fuse abbreviation that ...
problem seemed to start after driver's window was left half way up and parked outside during thunderstorm. no tricks have been found-only engages periodically.
I got frustrated and rip the front driver side head light out but it's repaired but the instrument panel lights won't worked checked all fuses just can't find the solution .
When ignition key turned -- nothing! No solenoid click -- no lights dim, no curent to scanner. All equipment, headlights, horn,wipers, air, etc works. Some lights in instrument panel comes on when key is turned but n...
the motor hesitates and stalls out wheather its climbing hills or driving down the road.taking off from a red light.i have replaced the pss {power shifting sensor}and the diagnostic code for shifting sensor still come...
Is it necessary to jack the car up to locate the sensor? My son was looking for the sensor from above the car and he can't locate it next to the oil filter under the manifold. Is there another position like close to t...
I don't have a manual and I need to plug in my ODBC so I can diagnose smog problems. Where and how do I do this?
my sunroof tracking broke possably the tab what would something like that cost to have fixed.
Have been given estimates for a muffler from $150 TO $525.
i had absolutely no trouble removing the old cylinder. it popped right out as simple as the manuel said. but for some reason the new cylinder will not pop in the same way. am i doing something wrong?
Moon roof leaks does not open or close, also the ignition key is stuck, key wont come out,
where is cabin filter for ac and how do i get to it
I am having trouble with my fan running even when the car is parked and turned off. This doesn't happen all the time only periodically. But, if I don't drive the car everyday, it runs the battery down. I have a frien...
one cylinder has low compression want to know what it will cost me to fix
I am the original owner, 1996 SC-2, 170,000m. Car was not used for last 4 years, parked on a slight incline, nose downward. New battery installed, started up fine, but gear selector will not move from park. I think Sa...
Had a problem with the car bucking and backfiring, idles high and spark plugs wet, so we removed motor cover to check rubber cover gasket, was fine. Replaced the cover after cleaning plugs and now the car won't start.
My Saturn is stuck in 3rd gear. The shifter feels kinda springy like it moves front and backwards but just stays stuck in 3rd. This happen after trying to shift it to 4th gear it kicked back into 3rd and cannot be sh...