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Radio recently went out, relay switch was removed, and it came back on and was running fine for three days. New battery and alternator has been checked. Lights on dash and headlights will come on. Will not turn ove...
to get it off do i need to remove somthing or cute the par so i can get to the bolt with a socket
My car isn't wanting to shift into gear. Is that the clutch master or slave cylinders? It shifts fine with the engine off and it doesn't grind when I shift. If I am in first gear and let off the brake but still have t...
I cant leave my keys or my purse in my car anymore. The doors just randomly lock and unlock thereselves all the time
My compass shows voltage. The car starts, then the voltage goes to 7vdc then to 0vdc and dies. The car runs good, the engine starts right away but dies in a few seconds. I wonder if it is the computer or the security ...
It will run for a short time, about 10 to 15 minutes and then goes dead. I am not sure if the engine is a SOHC or a DOHC. The coil packs, spark plugs and wires have been replaced.
code P0440 came up at inspection station. Problem putting gas in car. Keeps shutting off.
and the brakes a hard to push to stop is it all conected
I have a boiling leakage coming from the bottom of my front passenger
I need to tune it up never worked on it before can anyone help
when I start off a light the engine acts like its not getting any gas or something
A couple of days ago my sisters got in the back seat of my car through the passenger side and since then the seat continuously moves back and forth and won't recline forward or backward at all.
Also 2 New Coil Packs have been put on this rig
My car has been smoking for a while now! But does not smoke on start up! But if you let it warm up for 2 or 3 minutes! Then it really Smokes! The Computer on this car is unreadable ! Because it sat for awhile before I...
The engine will turn over without a problem but will not fire, could the ignition module be causing this? I've tried two new coils and it still would not fire.
Horn does not work new fuse still does not work?
I'm not sure of anything on this car. I've had it since I was 20, so about 9 years. For the past 2 years, on and off, I've had this problem when I'm sitting still and the car is idling. My RPM gauge will go up to abou...
When I have gone about 100 miles on the highway the trans will kick out of gear and the engine will rev up. But I've found if I slam on my brakes it will reingage and I can go a while longer before it does it again. I...
just failed at 15mph with asm emissions test results NO(PPM)- MEAS 618. Needs to be lower than 504.
What can I do solve this. Need to pass test.
First start of the day all fan level controls are functional. When I get back to the car and start it up, consistently fails on all settings. When driving w/out it still feel the cool A/C drafting thru the vents, just...
Sometimes my car wont start i will turn the key and you can hear it trying to turn over but it wont after 5-10 trys it will usually start. After it starts sometimes it will just automatically stall out unless i rev...
my sunroof is off track is this comon for this car
all forward gears work very well. when it slips out of reverse (for maybe a quarter of a second) it recovers.this happens approx. every 6 or 8 feet of travel. i changed the filter...didn't help.