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This happened about 6 months ago and I have just learned to live with it but then I found this site and decided to ask the question. Thank you so very much!!!!
can i put a sohc in my sc2 that has a dohc
2002 saturn automatic transmission slips on average 4 times when you first pull out,and will not slip again until it has sat for atleast an hour
I hear a click when I try to start it, but it doesn't even try to start. The problem came out of the blue as I dove it all day yesterday without an issue.
My sc2 dash lights are wacky. They are on when the headlights are off and then go off when you turn the headlights on.... just when you need them to be on. Checked all fuses. Can't find problem.
Won't start need to have starter removed and tested or replaced.
I Have spark between no4 and no1 coil pack. I took the wires off and crank and the spark is jumping between the coil terminals very strong. Next I check for fuel pump operation and it is operating I also went to the f...
No diagnostic codes my car is in Colorado with my son and it won't start. I am trying to fix it from Florida it cranks but wont start and no spark. Check coil and wires and they told me ok. Bought a new crank position...
What year tires and rims are interchangeable with my car?
Have you ever seen a PCM damaged by ABS or other solenoid in the car. I have a 93 saturn SC2 that blows the 5 volt fuse on PCM B location. Computer won't give any check engine lights assumption is (dead PCM). The ABS ...
how do i repair the leaking fuel inj hose. how do i get to it
car has been parked for 3 years new battery and gas put in and wont start
can stock pistons hold 6 psi from a turbo an not blow the motor
car runs fine until i stop for a light to change, then it starts to skip and miss while i am waiting.
is the car still driveable with a bent k frame i had a front end alignment done.
My HVAC fan suddenly went to high with switch off. It stays on high while car is running. Never changed/tested a relay before. Any help?
I have had my car for almost 3 years, but have never been able to set the clock. do I set the clock?
Where is the number 1 cylinder located?
We took our car into the Saturn Dealer. Code P0440 showed up. They tested and found the Vent Solenoid inop. Tested power to the solenoid and found constant 12V current to solenoid from PCM. Want to replace PCM for ...
Due to a blowout, the engine control wiring harness was damaged. Where can I find a replacement?
It's the only thing keeping my inspection from passing
My car air conditioner is not working. I had it serviced for this problem several weeks ago, and they added fluid, saying that is was low. This did not resolve the problem.
where can i buy a manifold for a Saturn other than dealership have checked junk yards in my area (Clearwater)
2002 Saturn Sc2 occassionnaly won't start unless I disconnect and then reconnect the battery. Battery tested good. Is it possibly something to do with Anti-Theft?
the side body parts are like messed up or probably the bumper lid is slanted. you know like the lid is too close to the right lamp light. i got. the car at car auction
i have a 93 sc2 saturn that has a blown engine and was wanting to know if any other engine besides saturn would work to swap with it is L4 1.9L mf/dohc
Was doing 55 and it just died. Battery, alternator and controll module all test ok. Timing chain is ok. When I try to start it. The car just clicks. When I try to turn the motor by hand it turns but it takes a little ...
under the dash inside the car is the main port to the computer on the car responses with no reading what controls this port?
inside the car there is a port 9 pin plug when plugged in shows no reading the main port to the whole computer on the car? can it be replaced?