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My daughter hit a curb n tore wires we replaced wires and the shop said converter code showing need to change plugs , we changed plugs n catilac converter and is still doin the same thing
They click when no one is in the car and run the battery down to dead. This is the second time I am having them replaced.
Stop signs, red lights, just stop in traffic the car stalls out , why would this be? Most the time it will start right back up but I need to rev the gas pedal when starting it.. Although sometimes it will not start ri...
What tools are needed to remove the valve cover gasket? And how do you do it? And how to do put a new valve cover gasket on the engine?
Will the engine still turn over?
White smoke. Happened as I was removing the key from ignition. Check engine light had been on and now is off. Also the door chime was ringing although everything in the car had been turned off.
i had a clunking noise in my tranny when i was reversing or hitting first and second gear,so hooked it up to computer and it read that ihad two cylinodes bad so replaced them now i have lost reverse, and dont know wha...
I might have air in my brake line How do I bleed it so I can get my brake back to normal pressure when I press it.
I need to have the odometer fixed for inspection.
The car shifts hard sometime sometime smooth. I also here like a bang or clunk and it jerks the vehicle I got a code po734 saying it was the solenoid shift
This car ran fine before it was ran out of gas, it will start but it sounds like it is miss firing and will die out even if the gas pedal is held to the floor. I have replaced the fuel filter but am unsure where to lo...
I have a problem with my idle speed, when you first start it, i will idle to 1300rpm, then quickly drop to 1100rpm within just a few seconds, not long after it will drop to 1000rpm.... Here is where the issue comes...
just replaced intake manifold gasket light came on before this repair
my car does ok when in park but when i put it in drive, it bogs down and rattles like it is going to cut off, and sometimes it does cut off. I have tried a few things already but nothing is working. can anybody give m...
left my lights on overnight, battery was dead, nothing. charged battery and now it trys to start even kicks over a small amount then stops. will not it isnt getting fuel. car sat out on a -2 degree night also.
i need detailed instructions, with pictures if possible on how to replace the gear shift cable on my 2001 saturn. what happened was i was driving i went from 2nd to 3rd gear and it snapped now the car is stuck in 3rd ...
my car seat wont fit in the saturn safely are there any that will?
engine cuts in and out between 1500 and 2000 rpm. runs fine once up to speed
it worked fine last nite, but this morning it did not. could it be a relay? it sounds like the a/c kicks in. If it needed frion wouldn't it be a gradual decline in cooling?
How do you repair a passenger brake light on a 1997 Saturn SC1 sports coupe when the driver's side brake light works and I have already replaced bulbs and fuses?
i have had new rotors and a alignment done on my 1999 saturn sc1.the car always pulls to the left,even after a this common in the 1999 saturn sc1.