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oil in water. no water in oil
what is the spark plug gap for this car
Just got my transmission repaired and still having problem with it. Instead of it not changing gears right, now it jerks when it shift.Took it back then was told that it needs transmission mount and motor mounts. Repl...
Sometime when I'm driving my car it past the first gear but when it get to the second gear it will stays in it for about thirty second then past. It don't happen alot but it is doing it. It may do this about twice awe...
How do you repair a passenger brake light on a 1997 Saturn SC1 sports coupe when the driver's side brake light works and I have already replaced bulbs and fuses?
Is it nessary to pull the Engine out to change the Oil Pan Gasket in a 1995 Saturn SE1?
i have had rotors and a alignment done on my car.a 1999 saturn sc1.even after a alignment my car always pulls to the left.i let go of the steering wheel and off to the left i this common in the 1999 saturn sc1.
i have had new rotors and a alignment done on my 1999 saturn sc1.the car always pulls to the left,even after a this common in the 1999 saturn sc1.
where is my starter located
I've noticed that my car is leaking oil on the back side of the engine. During my last oil change I tried to see where the oil was coming from. Looking up from underneath the car on the back side of the engine it appe...
There is not problem it is just that a Saturn dealer said that I needed the thermostat replaced. There has been no problem with heating or the car running.
I had a fuel pump replaced. Now the car runs rough and white / blue smoke emits from the exhaust. what has caused this? It ran fine without any smoke prior to failure of the fuel pump.
intake gasket is cracked what would the cost to repair? should i take it to a repair shop in town or and to a saturn dealer
how do i locate the starter and starter relay and how do i replace
how do you change a water pump
tail lights fill with rain water, and the trunk is damp always on the passanger side, where do i look and how do i fix it?
When first starting the car in the am or after sitting 8 or so hours the car sputters and acts as if it is starving for gas. After a couple of minutes it runs fine. It will start normally after this.
My car is stuck in 3rd. Shifter loose, will not shift into any other gear, will land in the 3rd spot, won't lock in, but still very loose. I found comments on this bushing, and saw a picture of a replacement invention...
Need a fix for flopping shift leaver. This is not the plastic ball coupling problem.
1995 SC1 - SOHC - #3 plug from left is fouling with oil. No coolant is noticed in oil or vice versa. What could be causing this...where should I start first?
car stalls when you put into drive i have changed all senors the rpms go way down befor it stalls
Linkage broke without any warning. The gear shifter now just bobs about. Made no sound. Drove it fine and went to go out the next time and the shifter would not go into gear. Just floated about. Help would be apprecia...
ive been having trouble with my car recently and i went through all the daignostics and foung that the problem could be the pcm or the feul pump. right now im wanting to take care of the pcm and cant figure out how t...
okay im having a lot of car problems. the transmission was replaced a few years ago but now the car is jerking a lot and then it kept dying when I put it in reverse, and ontop of that it overheated and I just replaced...
I just replaced the entire cooling system and did a small tune up including, fuel filter, air filter, oil filter, and transmission filter. and replaced the sparkpulgs and wires. well now when im driving the engine wil...
i have a 1997 saturn it shifts real hard into reverse and shifts hard going forward and downshifts real hard
hi my name is josh.. im writing to u cause ive been concern of a couple of things....first my engine is makin some knoking sounds on right side when i also sounds like if air was blowing make...
Code P0301 cylinder 1 misfire and code P0507 Idle is high. Put in new plugs, wires, pvc valve and a idler control valve. It still won't pass!