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left my lights on overnight, battery was dead, nothing. charged battery and now it trys to start even kicks over a small amount then stops. will not it isnt getting fuel. car sat out on a -2 degree night also.

My power steering pump just sheared off two of the bolts and strpped the third one that bolt it to the bracket. Is this bracket replaceable, or is it cast as part of the engine block?

I need intake caskets, O2 sensor, module and coil

gears lost 2nd and 4th what do you do can I still drive the car

I have a 93 Saturn 5 speed. I don't know the cars repair history cause I've only had it for 9months. Over the past few months it has become more & more difficult to shift into 1st & sometimes 2nd gear. Now in the last few days it has lost alot of power, when I let out the clutch pedal trying to increase speed the R.P.M.s increase alot but the car doesn't speed up. Its even worse trying to get it going from a stop. The feeling in the clutch pedal hasn't changed. I cant find where to check the hydrolic clutch fluid (Owners manual says it has hydrolic clutch)would it be in with the brake fluid? Would low hydrolic fluid cause it to feel like it needs a new clutch? including the loss of power when trying to increase speed while already moving such as going from 3rd to 4th gear? Is there a way to know for sure if it could be the clutch fluid or cylinder, rather than the clutch assembly before taking it to a repair shop? I'm dissabled and have a very small income. Guess I'm a bit "gun shy" about repair shops. I feel like the word "sucker" must be stamped on my forehead.

Engine has 113k miles and I don't believe plugs have ever been changed. I want to pull them and check the gap. If new ones are warranted, then, of course I will replace them. I don't have the owner's manual.

want to change coolant how can i do this and also need to know where radiator cap is since i do not see it as i open hood

96 saturnsc1 wont start i think i have it narrowed down to being the park neutral safety switch or the ignition switch but even taking the switch from the lock and key cylinder still get no response i turned the lights on and tried to start to see if it was drawing power and no dimming whatsoever so somewhere its not going to the final start phase on the switch tried cleaning contacts and even bent the pad to make sure the contacts where being made i get no response in anyway other than everything works dash lights light up and do not go away when key turned to start but the radio does dim any suggestions

car will not start battery starter cylinoid fuses everything check out just no engine movement whatsoever all lights workdash lights as well but do not go off when key is turned to final start position

Engine will not turn over (or crank over)

my car is automatic and when putting in reverse it jumps and then at 3 rpm's it jumps and then goes what could be the problem?

i need detailed instructions, with pictures if possible on how to replace the gear shift cable on my 2001 saturn. what happened was i was driving i went from 2nd to 3rd gear and it snapped now the car is stuck in 3rd gear and the stick just wiggles losely

I would like to replace my thermastat myself and I am looking for a picture of it. I am not sure where it is located. Could you please help me?

I would like to replace the thermastat by myself and do not know the location. I am looking for a picture of the area so that I can replace the thermastat by myself.


my car seat wont fit in the saturn safely are there any that will?

engine cuts in and out between 1500 and 2000 rpm. runs fine once up to speed

it worked fine last nite, but this morning it did not. could it be a relay? it sounds like the a/c kicks in. If it needed frion wouldn't it be a gradual decline in cooling?

air conditioner stays on...wont turn off whe enaged...

oil in water. no water in oil

what is the spark plug gap for this car

Just got my transmission repaired and still having problem with it. Instead of it not changing gears right, now it jerks when it shift.Took it back then was told that it needs transmission mount and motor mounts. Replace them and still having jerks. Now its making noise when I turn on the aircondition, alot of rattling. I did't have any problem with my aircondition until I had work done on my transmission for the second time. Please help and tell me what aim doing wrong with my car problems.

Sometime when I'm driving my car it past the first gear but when it get to the second gear it will stays in it for about thirty second then past. It don't happen alot but it is doing it. It may do this about twice aweek. It depends on how much I drive it.I also would like to know is this hurting the motor?


How do you repair a passenger brake light on a 1997 Saturn SC1 sports coupe when the driver's side brake light works and I have already replaced bulbs and fuses?

Is it nessary to pull the Engine out to change the Oil Pan Gasket in a 1995 Saturn SE1?

i have had rotors and a alignment done on my car.a 1999 saturn sc1.even after a alignment my car always pulls to the left.i let go of the steering wheel and off to the left i this common in the 1999 saturn sc1.

i have had new rotors and a alignment done on my 1999 saturn sc1.the car always pulls to the left,even after a this common in the 1999 saturn sc1.

where is my starter located

I've noticed that my car is leaking oil on the back side of the engine. During my last oil change I tried to see where the oil was coming from. Looking up from underneath the car on the back side of the engine it appears that the oil is coming from somewhere up high. Are there any known or common oil leaks there? If so what and is there a video on how to repair it? I've noticed oil on the garage floor where I park it and I seem to have to add 2 quarts of oil between 5,000 mile intervals.