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Where the left axle assembly is inserted into the transaxle I have a fluid leak. The seal kit that is sold by GM has 4 parts the an outer seal (which I would consider a standard double lip seal), the inner seal which ...
Where is the fill point 2001 saturn L300 v6 tranny fluid. How to check the fluid level
I am trying to repair the headlight lens myself. I have used some headlight lens restorer that i bought at autozone, it is working but I am trying to figure out how to get the scratch marks off the healight lens from ...
how do i know how to figure out if the cv axles are bad it has the plastic boot off one of them apparently from the last time it was in the shop from my car being stolen and they never even checked the front end....
The problem has been occuring for about 2 weeks.
my fan switch only works on high or shuts off when i hit a bump every day ?
Confused as to what location to connect the freon hose.
my car ran hot had a brown/yellowish color with and oily texture,was told by the mechanic that it needed a thermostat,then he told me there was a recall on that make and model for the engine oil cooler. In your review...
I understan that my car needs to have the induction system serviced. Please explain how is this performed
what is the "induction System" on this car?
the code is "security" on the dash board and the lights flicker on and off inside and outside the car. I am told the computer needs replacement?
about 5 days ago my car died at a stop light. everything was fine the car turns on but when i press the gas it wouldnt move and the engine/oil/battery light when on. i assume its because the gas wasnt pump to the engi...
where is the air condition serviced port?
My brakes on two occassions have stopped the car after applying brakes but have gone to the floor to stop with some pumping.The first time the fluid was low so I filled it up.The week before this the car was in for an...
My service lights comes on. I had a tune up and oil change and it did not turn off
Car turns over fine but does not fire
The car will start fine 95% of the time, but occasionally I will have to hold the key to the start position for up the five seconds. Then the engine starts right up. This only happens when the engine is hot and has be...
2002 Saturn L300 leaking oil from either the oilsending unit or the oil filter adapter seal.
need to know the ming specs for a 2002 saturn L300
just replace the battery engine ligt ison ,somene told me i need to set-up the computer
Timming belt jumped and quit running on freeway. 3.0v6 eng. I take it that eng. bends velves, True?
i been wanted to get my a/c recharged but don't want to take it to the garge. i seen bottels of it at autozone how hard is it to can i do it?
Where is the low pressure valve to refill the Freon, on a 2003 Saturn L300?
When is the scheduled timing belt replacement
Does the 2004 Saturn L300 come with the power seats wiring harness off the assembly line, in place (prewireed), even if it came with manual adjust driver's seat? In other words: can I upgrade to leather power seat...
I'm trying to refill my AC Refrigerant.
where is the waterpump located on a 2000 saturn 3.0? i think it is right under the engine mount but im not sure if it is ran off the timing belt or the serpentine belt.
Blower motor not working what is the estimated cost to replace it?
Cannot get the blower fan to come on