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the service light comes on and the transmission shifts very hard. this has been happening at readom travel times and distances. it only happened 3 times in 3 months, yesterday it happened twice. Had it in the shop twi...
car dies when i stop, then will only crank over like its out of gas, let car sit for half hour and it will start, i can hear fuel pump kick on when ignition is on.happens twice a week. car has 63,000 mi and is immacul...
my remote will not work had a oil change an they did a reset now my remote does not work with system the remote is good not the problem what to do now ???
eng turns over but will not start. fuel pump replaced,was told i needed ecm. if you unplug the accelator motor it starts but will not accelorate over 1200 rpm help.
My thermostat needs replacing. Sadly, I'm not able to get the repair at this time. Can I still drive my car?
was told i put the serpentine belt on backwards, and it caused the timing to jump and bent the valves is this possible. as these are 2 completely different belts
front left transaxel seal leaks
I have a 2001 Saturn L300 that stalls and is hard to start after reaching normal operating temperature. Any suggestions for possible causes would be appreciated. Thanks.
How do you put the wire on the brake pads to hold them in place? Usually there are clips, not sure how to use the wire.
i can't start the car, the car is in park, but the dash board says it's in reverse.
rear end - seems both sides - clunks on bumpy surface - at any speed- no "whupping, growling, or whirring" sounds. strut assemblies replaced all around. unrelated to turning the steering wheel additionally - may be pa...
I can't find on the website how to type in a service that is not automatically listed. I am looking for an estimate on the timing belt replacement plus all 3 pullies.
How do i change a transmission output/speed sensor in a 2003 Saturn L-300?
I have had a L300 for a few years without problems. i recently got 4 new tires and an oil change. After this, if my car was off for about an hour or so, it would crank but not start. I would have to try several times ...
Where can i find "mass or volume air flow circuit" and "camshaft position sensor circuit"? both saying low input.
I was driving my car tonight with the heater running when all of a sudden the oil and battery lights both clicked on and instantly the car lost power. The heater also began to squeal loudly. Is it the heater that is c...
need to find thermostat
VIN 1G8JW54R82Y530613 This is a 4door Sedan, not the wagon.
Does it really cost $400 for a fuel pump for my car? Precision Tune is saying you can't just buy the pump it comes with more stuff so the labor is cheaper than the pump? Total its costing me is $700
what needs to be removed to take the serpentine belt off to replace?
First it started with the driver's seat not able to move up or back. I have had 2 fuses placed. Now I'm told I will have to buy a new seat. Then my engine light has come on. I'm due for an inspection. Where can I take...
If anyone knows if theirs a website that shows you how or a step by step on how to remove a alternator out of a 2002 Saturn L300 3.0L V6? Would be very appreciated..! ~iTurtle ;')
would the need for a new fuel filter and air filter caus the check engine light to come on?
how do i know if it's the sensor or the thermostat and what should it cost for repairs?
weekly and I have no owners manual
battery went bad and the remote failed and had to open car door with keys. I tried to start car and it would not start, i replaced the battery and the car seems to want to start, but the gas was cut-off in the system....
My service engine soon light came on in my 2001 Saturn L300. I scheduled an appt with the mechanic for the next week, but within a couple days I could hear a slight whistle/squeel from under the hood (got louder when ...
motor just started burning oil
need to find out where my fuel pump is located