I had someone plow into my front end while it was parked. It was fixed and seemed to be running fine. All of a sudden went to start the car one day and it just would not connect. left it over night, next morning started fine. and then the check engine light was on. over the next few days the car would start sometimes and not other times. the ck engine light would come on and go off. I took it to O'Reily auto part to check why the ck engine light is on and he said the computer said it was the transmission speed sensor. Does that sound right and how costly is that to fix?

if its not the fuel line, then where else would fuel be leaking from top of tank, when the car is running that is the only time fuel leaks out

105K miles. recent purchase. since 1st month, mpg drop 3-5. always starts, sometimes no acceleration for awhile ( 5 mins), then OK. Check engine light on intermittently. Smells like gas when stopped and turned off. Any ideas welcome.

Changed radiator installed everything back how it was. Started the car everything ran good but the fans didnt kick on. I checked fuses and plugs. what else can i do.

how do I c test the coils?

I know this is an expensive repair, right now I don't have the funds. I was quoted $2000-$2500. In your opinion is it worth having the repair? It has 72,000 mi., good condition. I'm trying to avoid having a car payment. Any advice is welcomed.

the gas cap was checked did not help.
just happened today for the first time. 3 hrs from home

the Check Engine Soon came on.

To repleace the power steering pump do i have to remove the timing belt? if yes how can assure the timing belt won't move,
If moves how can i put the timeing belt in hes place?

I could tell (automatic) transmission struggled to go from first to second. Took it to Midas for diagnostic - when they reopen on Thursday 12/26.

Car has not been driven lately, forgot to add antifreeze, henceforth a busted block, freeze plugs etc, replaced freeze plugs, all is fine but how do I repair the block, is there an easy answer??

Reduced Power light is on, causing car start and stop.

How much would it cost to drill out Ignition Cylinder and put in new one? And have key made?

It blows when I turn the wheel then stops and when over 50mph.

Had issues fuel gage and power locks before this problem.

I can't figure how to tke cover off.

the check oil light doesnt tell me when i am low on oil, it can have anywhere from 2 1/2 to 3 quarts in it and no warning lights up . the car smokes when i start it like a blueish and smells like burnt oil why does it do this

Have to replace the starter and ignition switch. I'm at the switch now, but I can't seem to find the starter.

Had front Struts changed cost me around 550.00.

This happens whenever I have the A/C ON. I removed the drain tube and that is clear. I removed the cover at the foot well and when I drive I can see water coming out the plastic cover that has the panel velco located
Any ideas or should I see an A/C specialist

has 104k miles

i just took my car to a car shop they said i had a fuel leak.

just started doing this!step on the breaks and dies!

has fuel spark good plugs compression anybody else have this problem need help

engine was fine night before but when i started it the next morning it sounded loud and like metal on metal. i didn't move it. does the L300 2002 saturn have rods in the engine or is this a valve problem?

the fan runs all the time even before it gets to regular engine temp.

It is a 1997 Saturn SL2. It lurched to a stop when put in reverse and there is no turnover when trying to start it. Up til then, it was running fine. No one we have talked to has heard of this problem. Any suggestions of what could be wrong would be appreciated.

My service w/wrench light randomly comes on. Sometimes it shifts hard, sometimes it doesn't. The check engine lights is more frequently coming on with the other light. No one seems to be able to pull a code. My brother read that another owner had the same problem and replaced the control solenoid; it solved his problem.
I was told that to replace it; you just need to remove the filter and it's right behind it. My mechanic claims the transmission has to be dropped to go into the side. Who is right?

help im trying to find out about the back brakes in my saturn L3oo seris

I recently bought a 2001 Saturn L300 with 80,000 miles on it. I started it cold 3 times over a two day period b4 I bought it and it did not smoke one bit. The oil was in terrible shape but never smoked on start up or otherwise until I switched to synthetic. I ignored the old wives tale to not change over to synthetic oil in a vehicle that is several years old if you are not sure if conventional oil was the only oil that was ever used. Well I ran the car for two weeks then changed the oil to Valvoline straight synthetic 5w 30 . Within a week or two I had a puff of bluish smoke that seemed to get worse on every startup. I changed the oil at 2200 miles and it was filthy which tells me that the synthetic oil cleaned the hell out of my motor inside. I switched to high mileage Valvoline blend also a 5w 30. It is still smoking after 300 miles. I tried to aftermarket fixes with both oil changes. One was Engine Restore. The other was made by Wynns. Still smoking on startup. A longtime friend and retired mechanic recommended putting a little brake fluid in with the oil. After reading up on that potential horror show I decided not to try that. I also have read some online forums where Saturn owners have replaced the valve seals and still had this problem. WTF??????? I am considering going to a 10w 40 conventional oil and then thicker next time if I have to but living in New Hampshire I wont be able to in the winter. Any ideas other than what I have already tried? Thanks for listening. Ed from NH