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misses when stopping at red light ,sometimes die /will not accelerate sometimes at redlight then jumps to high speed
car was running fine one day on way home from work started making loud noise from top of motor changed oil quieted a little bit
Bought 4 new Uniroyal tires (80K tread life warranty) on Oct, 2008. Just had fuel pump replaced. Occurs while driving 45+ MPH.
I couldn't do anything but pull to the side of the road. what should I do?
I got the car recently and it didn't have the manual with it. These cars aren't sitting around in junk yards. So I'll probably have to buy an owners manual
i jumped regular fan and it runs.niether fan comes on when a/c clutch engages.i swapped a/c relay/fusein under hood fuse box.any suggestions
Niether regular cooling fan or high speed a/c fan comes on
Vehicle currently at just over 100,000 miles. Since July of 2011, I've had issues with the engine occasionally losing power when shifting at highway speeds. Have replaced engine control module (and had it reflashed)...
my foot is on the brake at a red light car shuts off and restarts right up again changed the fuel filter and fuel pump but is still doing it at times
relay has been changed with no luck
Service man recommended going to a dealer that has Saturn Parts and get new pan. This is about $677. Is there a less expensive solution?
car is running really rough, smoking really bad and how much does it cost to fix it
driving the car and sometime it cuts off. now car wont start but it cranks.
this is on the steering column. it got broken and need new one. what is this part called and costof part andcost with repair
I had a strap on engine until i could change a motor mount out. but it broke and the speedomiter stopped working at same time. where is this grounding strap?
The oil pan has a hole in it form running over a shovel, all of the oil leaked out.
The emissions sticker is unreadable and the haynes manual doesnt say. Ive seen .040 .044 and .045.
This is a friends car, I am out of state, she is experiencing oil leaks after an oil change, on passenger side of vehicle.
I have a check engine light that won't go off and I have the battery disconnected hoping to reset the computer. I replaced the MAF sensor last night. However I also have had the transmission shift hard at times when ...
First time ever happened can not take and put into neutral all electrical dead radio clock
When I turn off my saturn and park it in the garage, the garage smells like there is a fuel leak. I have inspected the fuel lines and they appear fine. Put a new gas filter and gas cap. The smell is real strong near t...
I've seen this posted several times, and there does not seem to be a clear answer. In our case, we've had the car 4 days and it hasn't started twice. It eventually started, but both times it was over an hour before th...
I found where to fill transmission but ther is no dipstick.
I guess I need a new body control module for my car. Had a diagnostic done and it said, "failure to communicate with body control" I just want to know where I can purchase a bod control module for cheap(er). My local ...
I was told ther is no manufacturer specific rear cabmer adjustment.