need to replace blower motor on this car. where is it & how to remove it?
thank you

I can turn the vehicle over I am getting fuel pressure about 55 pounds but I am NOT getting any spark on any cylinder whatsoever

I have had my 2001 L300 Saturn for just over 2yrs & on mother's day my check engine light came on & the car begin to run rough.. I've had the throttle body repaired along with the fuel injector but the car is running the same... What could it be!??

ok so I went to start my car and the timeing belt broke is there a chance I did not brake the valve sence I was trying to start the car

I checked fuel pressure and got about 41 psi, started to pull coil packs to check for spark, but found plug cavities full of oil. Help please. Did find that rubber boots need replaced as well but where is oil coming from?

back right brake line ruptured. need length so I can fix car

where to find out how many my car has or wich one can some please help

i just bout a 02 Saturn l300, it was running hot so i bought some coolant and oil to put in it, i put 5 qt of oil in it and this chocolate milky stuff came out when i went to check it. then i started the car and everything started smoking from my engine to my tailpipe. did i ruin the car?

pump.it is getting gas, but it will not start. it acts like it will start but won't. it has set for several months without being start. what can be wrong with it or what do I need to look for?

it did this just one time after being turned off then restarted

Neither of my heated seats work. They both stopped working at the same time. What could cause both seats to fail at the same time?

Spark plugs labor to replace

How do you reset the oil change system?

Using a brand new multi meter. Crank sensor is good I did get a reading on it bought a new one and still no start so took it back but cant get a reading on cam sensor. But cant find any info on testing one off car. Thanks

Installed new fuel pump, new fuel filter, new spark plugs,new coil packs, new cts, crank sensor is good.fuses are good relays are good.I jumped the fuel pump relay and it pumps fuel but will not work when key is cycled on.throttle body clicks when key is on it is clean also.was running fine then had this issue. Got it running again and the gas pedal was touchy like if u accel too fast it would die or if you acceled slowly then let off gas too fast it died real smoothly. Now just cranks and throttle clicks and no fuel pressure. Fuel pump and coils are ac delco. Plugs are gapped correctly. Tried a scanner it couldnt communicate.

The heater blower motor has stopped working. The problem started out as intermittently not working to not working at all now. I removed the motor and put it back in, thinking that the motor fan was being jammed against the housing or maybe a loose connection. It worked for a couple of days then stopped again. Research and talking with a couple of auto wrecker guys and my parts store the general consensus is the blower resistor. So here I am.

I have a Hayes manual for the 2000 - 2004 L300 and the description given appears to be incorrect. I tells me to remove the instrument cluster and then remove the right heater vent.(Cluster is on the left so why would anything to the right be accessible?) Anyways,("when all else fails, read the instructions. right?") I removed the instrument cluster and found a solid dash plate with no obvious removal screws/bolts. Searching the internet I've found references to the blower motor resister being on the right side of the vehicle beside/under the glove box. I pulled back the side panel and all I could find was the heater core.

Any help will be appreciated.

must you do timing belt?

must you do timing belt?