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i replaces spark plugs, air filter. put it on code tester, read no codes, but said mass air flow out of range, replaced mass air flow, but my car still dies when i am in gear in ideal, not when in park

My engine light came on for the second time. The first time I
thought it was the oil and I had it changed-the light went off
for awhile when it came back on I took it to Auto Zone-they told me it was the oxygen sensor.

First it was just the passenger front side with noises but now I hear both passenger and driver FRONT is making a noise only when I go over bumps. Wondering if anyone experienced similar noises and what the problem ended up being. We physically have shaken the car and see nothing noticeable but it is getting worse so will have to take in but wanted to see other opinions first.

When I place the key in the ignition and try to start my car, the anti thief device locks the entire car and I am unable to get the key out. Is there a after market solution to this problem? I have heard that cutting the white wire to the ignition will disable this problem. Is this safe to do, and if so can you walk me through this fix.

Both of my check engine lights come on and sends the car into reduced power mode. The code comes back with a bad throttle body. They have replaced my gas peddle four times and replaced the wiring harness and it's still doing it. They can't figure out the problem and I'm really getting sick of taking it in and paying more money for it not to be fixed. I have had it in the shop more times than I can count.

Changed coil pack, plugs, ignition module and problem remains.
Removed coil pack and removed plugs...they each look the same, the "boots" and inner springs look clean as well as the plugs...the plugs each look the same...looked at the pins on the electrical connector to the ICM and there is no oxidation. It appears the ECM is not getting the confirmation signal that #2 cylinder is firing...What else do I consider except the ECM.

maintenance has been done consistently when due per manufacture's guidelines

how much for a tune-up and at what milage is it usually req;d

Our key could not move so we could not turn off the car, therefore we had to call roadside service who also oculd not remove it, he had to disconnect the battery and a fuse to turn off the car this is what we need fixed now. What do you suggest?

i replaced filter and drained gas out of tank, fuil pump was homming when i took off gas tank,and when i put it back it does not hum now. and wont start car.

My car messed up and I talked to a dealership and they said they would have to run a diagnostic and if it was the transmission. If the fluid was low they would replace it. Iasked if I could replace and they said no because it is very hard to get to and the fluid is very expensive. Is it really that expensive and can I change it myself?

2003 Saturn Ion - recently has problem where it is blowing 7.5 amp BCM fuse - even with key not in ignition. BCM was replaced by GM dealer but they couldn'r estimae how much time/money it would take to find short blowing fuse. Problem is intermitent - sometimes will start 3-4 times before fuse blows.

Just driving down the road for no apparent reason a message comes on "PWRSTR" and the power stering stops working.

power light on because computer bad

My 2004 saturn ion power driver rear view mirror was knock off at a car wash. The wires are snapped and the bolts are broke. What's the averge cost to replace this part on the car?

when car is turned off after driving it occasionally will not restart after a brief light rain or mist. i have to wait at least 15mins b4 trying to start it

i have 60,000 miles and want to have it serviced. ive been told not to flush the trans just add fluid if necessary and change filter. was i given correctinfo or should i have entire system flushed.what other services must be performed at this time?

Need cost of part and labor.


Website wont allow me to select a reason for an estimate on my 2006 ION??????????????????????????????

I bought my Saturn in 2007 (new) why in just four years, I now need to have new struts installed?

My 20003 Ion suddenly would not go into gear. I tried 1st and reverse but nothing worked.

My engine light came on and the car would only go 20 miles per hour. Had it towed to the mechanic. It seems that the security system has failed on my car and totally shut it down. What can I do about getting parts or how to reset the security system.

When ever i start my car the airbag lght stays on what could this be ?

My car makes a creeking noise in the front right when turning or accelerating from a stop. Is it the suspension? How much to repair front struts?

This code just appeared today, car seems to run fine. Erased code P2240, not sure how long it will take to resurface. What does this code mean? Thank you for your time.

I have a 2005 Saturn Ion. There was a wire hangind down and my ABS light was on. The mechanic said the ABS is ripped out and ruined. He also said the boot is leaking and the axle needs to be replaced. Is the vehicle still driveable and what would happen if I didn't fix it right away and continued to drive it?

When the car starts in the morning the car idles normally, after being in drive or reverse when I bring the car to a stop at a light or sign, the car will idle down to 3K-4K and bounce between there and 7K, other times it stalls completely. When at speed I do not notice a loss of power, and at stops I have to keep the accelerator slightly engaged to keep the RPMs up to 8K so it will not get rough or stall. The car has 118K miles. I don't know if maybe it needs plugs, fuel filter, automatic clutch failing...

Ok I have had this car three years and the most annoying thing is trying to get the key out of the ignition. Sometimes it comes out just fine but mostly i have to fight to get the key out. I have tried holding my foot on the brake when turning the key and jiggling it every which way. It eventually comes out but takes way too long. Please Help!!

When my wife lifts up on the pedal the rod in the back holding the padal where it should be gets looses and the padal comes too far forward