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How much does it cost to replace my oil pan? I am sure it needs replacement, I drove right over a huge rock on the highway tonight and oil started spewing out from under my car immediately as well as smoke billowing f...
I just contacted a Saturn dealership in Houston, TX and I was informed that the recall for for the exterior left signal light will not cover the BCM circuit board which would cost approximately $700 to repair.
We have replaced the bulb in the left signal light numerous times - there is a recall on this problem, but were told by a mechanic that the entire module is out and will cost us over $700 to repair. He said the recal...
Everytime I put gas in my Ion, the gas nozzle shuts off every 3-4 seconds. I have made sure the nozzle is all the way in, that doesn't help. I have put the nozzle in only a little ways, that doesn't help. The only ...
the key gets stuck in the ignition after driving. It takes several minutes to get it out? What is the cause?
my car is acting like it don't want 2 start. about a week later i started smelling gas inside the car. some times the car starts right up! the gas smell is strong on some days then others.
I need to get a block heater installed on my car before winter hits how hard is it to do it by myself.
2.2 liter Ion, 75,000 miles runs good sometimes feels like it missing.
How much should I pay for a battery
the mechanic of my saturn said that my main bairings are ruined, and it would be best to replace the entire engine..the damage is bad. How much is a full engine replacement for my car?
My rear brake shoes/pads and drums were replaced in August 2010 and when I stop at a light or brake the knocking noise appears. I took my car back to Tire Kingdom and they looked at the rear brakes and replace them wi...
just have to keep coolant in it leaks out. has a little hole in the top looks like someone tried to block off.
Daughter has a 2005 saturn ion-2 was told by service dept of the now defunct saturn that she replace her timing at a 100,000 miles. if the saturn has a timing belt i understand but a timing chain???
gas cap light keeps coming on = new gas tank was put on before when light would not go off
I bought a 2004 saturn Ion with 150k miles, drives great no problems except for the fact it is only getting 18 to 20 mpg. If plugs have never been changed could this be the problem or possibly dirty injectors or fuel ...
Air Bag Warning Light comes on intermittently
when the unit is on the air blowing throught the vents is weak & that is at the #4 setting. I've been in other 4 cylinder cars & they had stronger air blowing out the vents.
when you turn on air conditioner it blows air throught the vents but is weak when it is set on high which is #4 on the dial. one vent was not opening up & a friend fixed it.I've been in other 4 cylinder cars that blew...
I have a 2005 Saturn Ion 11 and the key sticks in the ignition sometimes and can take 1-2 minute before it will come out, I tried different keys and sprayed graphite and W-D 40 in the lock, any other suggestions!!
right rear turn lamp signals once when car is first started front right blinks fast, nopower at right rear lite. I did notice when battery is low and car will not start the rear lite seams to work ok. Im thinking turn...
about how much does it cost to get the engine fixed if it has blown in my 2003 saturn ion2
Key won't turn in ignition, What's the expected cost to replace the ignition?
where is the intake for add r134a located at for a 04" Saturn Ion.
Every time I am driving the car squeals. When I hit the break it stops. Then when I hit the gas again it begins to squeal yet again. What could possible be causing this?
When I put on the airconditioning when I first start the car and put in reverse it squeeks loudly. the noise stop when I put the car in drive and step on the gas. Sometimes it squeeks when I am idleing.
No diagnostic lights come on, car will shut down when braking to a stop, it will start right back up and shut down again, can anyone help me?
the car does not start - it cranks but then it dies... does NOT appear to have anything to do with cold weather.. it's currently 90 plus degrees. Any suggestions?
We need a new throw out bearing, slave cylinder, and clutch plate. The repair man will have to pull the transmission.
Is there anyway to turn off the annoying "shift-up light" on my manual Ion? I know when to shift gears. If I wanted to be told when to shift I would have got an automatic.