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cooling fan stopped working need to replace it how do i do this
check engine light on. diagnostic check states tailpipe valve A, incorrect flow. Scav vehicle codes P0411 and P2440 traced to bad air solinoid.
i don t see a bleeder. there is a nub with a cap. looks like something hooks to it maybe ?
The coolant light was coming on and the dealer said the water pump needed to be replaced. I think the quote is way too high.
Had a lot of grief with my Ion and only have 32,000 miles on it. The drivers side rear window want go up or down, how do I remove the inner door panel to access the motor and lift mechanism. thanks Jim w
Hooked the car up to the computer at the mechanics. Check engine light was on and exhaust had awful smell. Replaced spark plugs, boot and cool pack. Any suggestions.
cant't find any info in manual under scheduled maint.
In addition to the occasional clunking, the car shudders when applying brakes going downhill over 40mph.
The car front end rattles when hiting bumps and turning the wheel. the only play is in the steering rack bushings.
i had warmed my car up and went to roll the window down, well now the handle goes round and round but the window says put. what parts would i need and could i do it at home by taking the panel off? any information wou...
The driver side floor is getting wet. My brother found water coming through the engine compartment. How do I seal it up? Thanks, HavNfun2
I have gasoline leakingfrom rear by drivers side althought gas tank is on passenger side. What can be cause and how much should I expect to repair
The ignition key is not the original key and has never actually work right. I had a little trouble tuning it on, but know it is stuck and I have to pull the plug wires to kill the engine. I believe I have read somewhe...
Why would a car lean to one side after the changing of both struts on the front of the car
The ignition doesn't want to turn when I start the car until after I jiggle it a number of times. It also doesn't want to turn off until I jiggle the gear shift several times. It just started not switching into 3r...
the key got stuck to the ignition so i cant turn on the car
And what are some reputable web sites to buy from?
My car is making a noise and I think it is the wheel bearing. I wanted to do it myself, so I wonder how much I need to pull off to get into it?
My M75 has burned up and I can't find another one. I can find the M43. what do I need to do to use the M43 in place of the M75?
The electric window came out of the track and fell inside door. Got the window back up mostly but now the door won't open . Any ideas ? Can't get inner door panel off to work on window because the door won't open.
Last state inspection I was advised my right axle seal was leaking and it needed replacing. What is my demise if I hold off from replacing the seal due to financial problems?
The map lights will come on when I stop at a stop sign. Or will not turn off when I park and take the key out. They will go off after about 20 min, then turn back on. Very frustrating to go out in the morning, and the...
I have a 2005 Saturn Ion with less than 50km on it. In  Nov 2009 for some reason the car would not start - it was winter and was late at night.  We tried the next day and it started.  This happened again during the wi...
When driving my saturn, the down shift doesn't occur at the right. It should shift alittle quicker.
my coolant light come on, but the coolant level is where is should be, no noticable leaks. only have 27,000 miles on car.
i replaces spark plugs, air filter. put it on code tester, read no codes, but said mass air flow out of range, replaced mass air flow, but my car still dies when i am in gear in ideal, not when in park
My engine light came on for the second time. The first time I thought it was the oil and I had it changed-the light went off for awhile when it came back on I took it to Auto Zone-they told me it was the oxygen sen...
First it was just the passenger front side with noises but now I hear both passenger and driver FRONT is making a noise only when I go over bumps. Wondering if anyone experienced similar noises and what the problem e...