My email is emilychaney10@gmail,I would really like to find out about how much it will cost so his mom can pay for the damage done to door of my car.

It all started like 2 weeks ago, the check engine light was flashing only when excelerating or going up a hill, so took it to machanic and thy said it was the plugs, so I got new plugs, it seemed fine for a few days. Now the car feels rough, it feels like it's jumping and sputtering when excelerating and going up hills. So I took it back to machanic and now it says misfire on cylinder 2. I dunno what to do with it. Please help!

i have replaced the battery, the stater, and got the alternater check and it came back fine but my car still wont start. I dont know what else to do... Help!!!!

Windshield started leaking last fall on the driver side and one day the engine light came on the shortly after the traction control and low engine power came on. Gas pedal still worked but have no power. The reader said it was the throttle position sensor and the pedal sensor weren't insinc. So I changed the pedal and the problem went away. Now it's spring and the problem came back so I changed the pedal again now it only revs in park. Anyone have any ideas.

my front driverside signal constantly goes out. I noticed a recall that requires a kit too be added. Wondering if I'm not oo late. Btw i freakin hate saturns! Nothing but problems from the first week i bought it.

My (2007 Saturn ION), right front wheel wobbles (especially during acceleration & braking). Also "pops" during tight turns. Is it a bad ball joint, or a worn CV joint?

After my battery light was on all day i was driving home and the cruse control was turn off over and over again. Then all of a sudden the airbag light came on and started blinking so i go to get off the free way and i am now getting a check engine light. When i go to accelerate from the light my car did not want to accelerate from the light i had to walk the throttle just to get the car to start moving. So i put my hazard light on and the battery light and the air bag light started flashing with the hazard lights. I pulled the car into the closing parking and shut the car off. I pulled the key out of the car and my needle lights on the dash stayed on with the battery light, check engine light, and airbag light. The screen that was in the dash started with flashing power steering, vehicle, and service after i pulled the key out of the ignition. What in the world is happening to my car?

I have had the battery and alternator checked out because the server, engine, and battery light came on the dash. My radio also began to cut on and off by itself. It cut off on me later that day. I can not get it to crank back up.

While digging my Saturn out of my driveway today after a lot of snow fell, I noticed it immedietly hung up on a small chunk of snow and ice in my driveway. As I accelerated I noticed the front right wheel spun and the front left wheel did nothing? The left wheel was actually on clear ashphalt and the right had snow Infront of it. Does the car only power under one wheel?

was told whole dash needed to come out. said leave air circulate button in to stop but doesn't stop for long.

For the life of me I can't find a throttle position sensor in my online search. I find throttle body, is it the same? All I know is Auto Zone's diagnostic guy's machine indicated the TPS was why my SES light is on and my car chokes out every time RPM drop below 1500-1000. Help! I'm trying to get this done as cheaply yet effectively as possible. Can anyone help me with this? It would be greatly appreciated.

Padlock comes on

checked the fuses and none are blown but the radio wont turn on. Put air in a tire (the machine was plugged in the cigarette lighter) I thought from that it blew a fuse. I have check them all all seem to be okay. could it be a bigger fuse? because the driver side lock will not unlock/lock by remote also.
Thank you

I went to get an oil change, when they were bringing it around oil was just falling out. They said that I need to change the crankcase breather and the hose. Said that my oil from the engine was just pouring out. They called for prices and came back with a price of $234 that is including 90 for labor. When I called the dealership they can me a price of the parts it is like $49. What is it that I need?

Air bag light came on. Tried turning in parking spot and something was popping. My steering wheel is actually upside down now. Please help can't afford new car right now

after about 20 min.all the lights on dash board starts flickering off and on

Car engine light comes on and car ALMOST stalls(wont go went i step hard or medium on gas) Only goes with just a little pressure on gas.This seems to happen when I come to a stop sign (almost stop,then accelerate while turning. Just replaced my Throttle body sensor still same problem. same codes *battery is on at 67% but only 6 months old. Alternator checks out fine though. I am going to get battery recharged and then see what happens. Not sure after that? Need some advice please. Thanks. Anthony

while in heavy traffic and very low speed for an hour, the engine light came on and after a while battery and oil light came on and lost all power.
Restarted after 10 min, and drove home but engine light still on.

The area around the gear shift was very hot when all this happened.

tie rods I got my car 2nd hand and there was no owners manual

At 124,219 miles, and literally 1 week after Chevy dealer replacing the GM factory recall of ignition switch, the engine light illuminated once, oil level down, and loud engine knocking/rattle at acceleration started. Chevy dealer says the engine is ready to go (suspect a failed bearing or rod)? No diagnostics, just 'listened' to the engine. What test(s) can be done to narrow this down vice an engine replacement (quoted $5K for a new engine)?