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It was making a grinding noise when starting up but would stoperiod after a minute. Tries to recharge the ac like a week prior to noise.
I replaced alternator and the battery still good. I don't know why the Battery light stay on.
ademas se siente como si estuviera activado el overdrive.
Check engine light on got a PO410 code what's wrong g
I have had my 2001 L300 Saturn for just over 2yrs & on mother's day my check engine light came on & the car begin to run rough.. I've had the throttle body repaired along with the fuel injector but the car is running ...
when I hit the unlock switch from door panel or key fob several times they unlock sometimes. when its cold outside seldom an issue
ok so I went to start my car and the timeing belt broke is there a chance I did not brake the valve sence I was trying to start the car
All lights r off etc... why is it dining with just this door??
I need to see the vacuum hoses and canister hook ups emission code # PO 440
Already will be trying the 30 minute reset procedure for Passlock. Is this a permanent solution?
I went to auto zone and they gave me codes. The O2 sensor have been replaced and thats what they are telling me that it is. I need to know asap so I can get it fixed. My inspection expires tomorrow
they want to replace both lower control arms, what should that cost? Is that different from ball joints? The car shakes when I apply the brakes. I was given an estimate of about $600.00
My email is emilychaney10@gmail,I would really like to find out about how much it will cost so his mom can pay for the damage done to door of my car.
The car is torn apart, both front wheel bearings, calipers, brake pads have been replaced, and it still makes a loud groaning noise and it sounds like an airplane. The bearing in the fwd intermediate shaft is dry and ...
I checked fuel pressure and got about 41 psi, started to pull coil packs to check for spark, but found plug cavities full of oil. Help please. Did find that rubber boots need replaced as well but where is oil coming f...
185,000 miles. Did go over a bumpy rail crossing kinda' fast, but car ran fine & started 2X after
Can't afford a new car right now. How much are used engines?
i smell gas every time i stop my saturn vue i checked under and discovered gas leak coming from top
after install cars still feels like at times it wants to swerve to the right almost like there is something loose .Making a right turn it also feels like the right front tire isn't turning far enough acts like it is s...