car won't start in morning. after sun hits car after awhile it starts.new battery,plug wires, plugs, cold pack. cold weather affects starting. starts if booster is on over night.

The "service airbag " message is on in the Driver Information Center. Is this a "dealer only" fix ?

My girlfriend over filled my transmission fluid could that be the problem why it want move?

Will I need another transmission and how much will it cost me?

My car doesn't want to start because I remove the radio and I'm puzzle doesn't want to start does this car has antitheft

Up and has no problem with speed and when I drive my light on my radio and dash get dim and sometimes they will come on back and sometimes they will stay faded

i have changed my oil and added a new air and gas filter. there are no lights on the dashboard of my car, but when
Im at a red light it stutters then shuts off... Ive gotten new spark plugs to be put in to see if that's the problem. Im just lost... HELP!

The antitheft light came on after the seatbelt had been caught in the passenger side door

With no warning the van wont start. All the lights etc. come on and it tries to start but its as if there is no final spark to turn the engine over. I swear I can hear the fuel pump buzzing.

I have already put 1 gallon of premium gas in it and cleaned the throttle body

Used autoscanner and identified 19 codes. Cleared the codes, but now the car won't start. Battery has full charge, but when I turn ignition key, all I get are clicks. Interior lights and fan come on - just won't start. Any ideas?

Junk or fix-keep ? Limited funds, only transportation source. Engine strong-Please advise.

Could it be a bad fuse?

my saturn will start up just fine and will run good till i get to where i am going and shut it off come back out wont start seems flooded wait half hr runs good.

The plastic over the lights are so dull I wonder if my lights are on. Has there been a recall? It should have been.
What do I do?

How to do relearn

I replaced the ignition lock cylinder and it didn't come with a key so I had 1made at hardware st try to start car but does seconds after. Now when I go to start it.security and then stays lit what founded to do

When headlights are turned on a clicking noise starts not sure where the noise is coming from but it does not stop until lights are turned off

On a rainy day, put gas in car, drained battery trying to start. Recharged, more gas, car finally started, but ran rough...car scanned at Autozone, said ALL plugs were misfiring, though I replaced them a month ago. Was raining throughout all of this....next day car started a little slow, sounded smooth. Made it two blocks, stalled out at stop sign. Tried starting again, drained battery again...what gives?

I checked all fuses, swapped the relays, the fan motor itself works tested on bench. Not sure where to look next except for the switch or the fan motor resistor??

I put a new starter in it and still nothing. If I bypass starter relay the motor will turn over but won't crank. Not sure if it's a security issue or if the park sensor is not reading it being in park. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

It just keeps cutting off in traffic whats wrong?

if a change the generarto (bas) for a alternator, will work as a non hybrid???

The security light is solid and it the gas icon lights uo, but there is gas in the car. It wont turn over. I have a regular key no chip and no keyless entry remote. ive replaced the crank sensor now no spark. what do I do . I think its anti theft system stopong car from starting.. WHAT do I do. being a female the shop will tell me more than and I will get ripped off.

When the message is showing the gauge shows cold and the hoses feel normal. What is happening?

It ran out of gas I put 13$ of gas in it and it started right up I drove it. And it quit and started right back up I drove it about a mile it quit and now it starts then uits in about 3 seconds can't find out what the problem is ?

Cycling on/off brings it back quickly. Feels like computer, not valve body. When this happens it brings up the check engine light and it won't shift right for days. Then every thing is fine for a while but not long. Is this my engine CP running amuck? You never know what or what starts it, but switched off to on brings it back to default and runs poorly.

When I had the car on the machine I got the follow error codes P0172, P0174, P0300, P1245,P0305, P0303 and P0301

Selling car 29 codes came up. One is pending. Some contradict each other. Recently repaired and no lights coming on. Are 29 codes accurate? With no symptoms or warning lights?

Mechanic not sure what it is. Really bad tires on front? What could that be? Happens only occassionally.