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PSI should be 180 psi

traditional transmission not cvt

I have a power steering leak

I have a customer in need of this item.

when i turn key on i have power i turn key to start i loose all power i close hood hard power comes back on

The check engine light is on and the diagnostic code comes back as P0741 torque converter clutch solenoid stuck off

I took a motor out of 2004 saturn vue 2.2l with automatic and put just the motor in the 2003 vue with manual trans .The 2003 motor wiring would not match up, so i had to take the 2004 motor wiring harness and put in 2003 now the motor service lights stay on and motor has reduce power,speedo not working also! Could it be the Wiring harness (wires go to different pins in a socket from automatic and Manual Trans) or BCM??

If the car had wreck and the air bags deploys is it total?

It cut off sometimes going down the street and I can't get it back started.It would get no power when I turned the key at all.Sometimes even killing the battery trying to start it.

My ignition is shutting down all the power to my Saturn vue lights flickering inside the car and on the dash ABS light won't go off check oil light, and alternator light the ignition is also draining the battery so I need to reset the password on the ignition.

Do I still have leeway from the recall?

Mounts motor and trans been changed and dog bones new. When I first get in, in the morning don't do it. Or if car sits a while

I may need to have the brake cylinder replaced on my car. How expensive is the part?

Can't find the battery.

i had to put a different size tire on for a short time. the all wheel drive light has come on. the vue has all new tires on all the right size. the light will not stop flashing.

car overheats at idle

Now are being told, as the initial coolant leak and into the oil reservoir/ground with visible antifreeze loss from radiator were never resolved from initial diagnosis and repair of replaced head gasket & $2,200.00 later on 12/17/2016. The car w/ 112 k, 2nd owner and all maintenance done on car. Several calls were made to service station, as well as vehicle being taken back twice & only 300 miles(limited driving-nursing my vehicle and countless contact to manager at service center where services were supposedly rendered) on car since 12/17/2016. Now are told, my car rejected the head gasket due to what is believed is a cracked engine block. Being inform of this, when it were noticed where car were parked routinely, had new area leaking under the car. Shortly after this discovery, I assessed engine by popping hood and saw oil/coolant spots all throughout engine, including the valve cover gasket seals/seem along engine. Now, same company says they will replace the head gasket under warranty but it is recommended I replace the engine out too at my cost. Someone assist- please help ! This car is going to be the death of me, as I am so frustrated financially and with the poor services had by a local to me shop, that it is felt due to negligence has killed my car. My engine always running strong and never ran the same after said mentioned initial repair. Please note, this known name shop changed it's name under another umbrella name and is no longer BB accredited.

Can I reset computer? How?

Running lights wont turn off

I purchased a 2001 Saturn sl manual transmission and it had the check engine light on so I took it to autozone for an OBDII and the codes came out to change the o2 sensor in the front so i do they tell me to drive 50 miles for it to go off but the problem only worsened in 5th gear it would shake very roughly and the next day the check engine light started blinking and the car would lag in first and second gear so I took it back to autozone the next day to do another reading and it gave us a laundry list of codes now the car lags going uphill and sometimes only goes about 30 to 40 mph can someone please help me

What could this be

No compression cylinder 3 was tested what could this be

I'm smelling a very strong gas smell on the same side as the tank. Doesn't matter if it's low on gas or full tank. What could the issue be?

I was sitting in traffic and all of a sudden my car started smoking but temp. didn't register hot. I pulled over and all my coolant was leaking out. All of it. My friend said it's a freeze plug but why would it blow all of a sudden?

Checked all fuses,charged batt. Am going to do crankshaft position sesor next,I guess

When I am driving it doesn't come on at all

It switches at 10 mph and then at 30 mph but after that it doesn't change anymore

metal arm which extends forward to hold the axle in place broke

Engine will not rev when hitting gas pedal Even in neutral Have to turn car off and restart