Engine will not rev when hitting gas pedal Even in neutral Have to turn car off and restart

the whole dashboard is blinking constantly

When you press door lock untill chimes 3times and shut door it locks all doors and passlock light should flash ....Passlock light is not flashing

be moved into all gears

need repace a bumper and fender right on a 2000 saturn lw2 but will a 99 saturn sw2 work

There's a noise towards the dear when I start it and then my door locks go crazy and it jumps in a different gear.

No way to get "check engine" light to go off!!! Disconnect negative battery post it's ok until I restart!

I would be driving then my battery and oil light comes on then it dies and starts right back up

it wil not turn over

I'm about replace head gasket

Light will go out when temperature is below 40 degrees and codes clear on there own???? Changed O2 sensor with no change in results.

Having problems with it staying in gear

When idling, neutral or in gear, after a while I get a loud buzz/hum from what seems to be the front left section of the vehicle. Shutting it off for a second seems to resolve temporarily. Doesn't appear to affect operation but haven't tried driving while it is occurring.

Has been a known defect with the recall replacement

A guide video, how to fixit

well the radio and everything else works but my van won't start

It literally split in half and pulled the axle down with it as well as the ball joints, bushings, tyrod, and the tire fell off and went into the passenger fender. The undercarriage was scattered across the road as well. 2 minutes earlier and I would of been on highway driving 85 mph. This happened 2 mins from home after driving 1900 miles home from Florida. I was 2 mins away from arriving home and just got off highway when it dropped. Literally going 10 mph

Heard a pop while driving, I thought I had blown a piston. Got it home and found spark plug #2 had shot right out of the head. I am planning on using a helicoil to repair the head, and I'm replacing the solenoid. What else should I be looking for when it comes to damage caused by this? Any ideas will be helpful. Thanks.

Person driving said the battery light had been coming on,But just out new battery in last year

To replace the lock cylinder, you must depress a pinhole release button near the back, and then , turn the key to ACC to release the cylinder. Problem is, THE KEY WILL NOT TURN. How would one go about this task. Thanks.

My vehicle cut off in the middle of driving due to low oil no smoke or leakages

I have a check engine light on codes read P0098, P0442, Twice. changed gas cap and intake air temperture sensor . Now what, this is making me crazy ?????

Ive had it a few years and has been great with no problems. A few weeks ago, on the interstate, it began making a buzzing/gringing noise but still ran. A week later, after driving 20min or so it began squealing loud. After that, it would die at a stop but only once the temp got up to normal. It died at a light, i started it, began to go and completely died and now it wont turn over, start, or anything. Battery is new, oil was good and it started all of a sudden.

car won't start in morning. after sun hits car after awhile it battery,plug wires, plugs, cold pack. cold weather affects starting. starts if booster is on over night.

The "service airbag " message is on in the Driver Information Center. Is this a "dealer only" fix ?

My girlfriend over filled my transmission fluid could that be the problem why it want move?

Will I need another transmission and how much will it cost me?

My car doesn't want to start because I remove the radio and I'm puzzle doesn't want to start does this car has antitheft

Up and has no problem with speed and when I drive my light on my radio and dash get dim and sometimes they will come on back and sometimes they will stay faded

i have changed my oil and added a new air and gas filter. there are no lights on the dashboard of my car, but when
Im at a red light it stutters then shuts off... Ive gotten new spark plugs to be put in to see if that's the problem. Im just lost... HELP!