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Would the p502 sensor have anything to do with the problem
Thought I got some bad gas but that doesn't really fit the 1 to 2 hour wait to restart. What is the crankshaft sensor for?
Feels like we're driving a washing machine during the agitation cycle. Help please. What to look at and how much max to fix!
Tires are great, transmission fluid normal, can't think of what to check next. Feels like gear shift has been thrown in neutral temporarily.
I found a set used complete (Quick Strut) but they are off a Saab that had a 6 cylinder engine. What would be the ride height difference and would they create any premature ware on the rest of the front component's?
I've replaced ball joints CV axcels brakes sway bar links its driving me crazy
Misfire code P1213 showing.
Sudden failure while driving - windows, turn signals, mirrors, do not work and drain battery overnight. Replaced an old battery and everything worked for one day then had the same failure again. How to trouble shoot a...
have tried several different direct ignition modules. problem still exists. Replaced crank position sensor, and coolant temp sensor. any ideas???
I just purchased my car this past December and the cupholder would not release so I had my mechanic fix it. Two weeks later it happened again but now the cupholder is really stuck inside the unit. I tried everythin...
I have taken my car 3x to the same mechanic in the past 2 months due to the engine malfunction light always being on. My mechanic ran the diagnostics each time and believed the problem to be the thermostat sensor whi...
will run smoothly and once warmed up if idling it will cut off and not restart but will turn over really strong or I can be driving and it will just shut off on its own unless I am double peddling it but once I shut ...
How do I check for hole in tire
So I was driving my Saab about a week back and had to accelerate a little quickly to merge onto a highway. The car did fine up until it reached 5k rpms. At this point it froze at 5k for a little while before violent...
Hi, The low beam bulb of right head light failed, What kind of bulb suits best and how can I know if it is same as the other light bulb? Please let me know the approximate cost of the bulb. Thanks Abhi