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I found a set used complete (Quick Strut) but they are off a Saab that had a 6 cylinder engine. What would be the ride height difference and would they create any premature ware on the rest of the front component's?
I've replaced ball joints CV axcels brakes sway bar links its driving me crazy
Misfire code P1213 showing.
have tried several different direct ignition modules. problem still exists. Replaced crank position sensor, and coolant temp sensor. any ideas???
How do I check for hole in tire
Hi, The low beam bulb of right head light failed, What kind of bulb suits best and how can I know if it is same as the other light bulb? Please let me know the approximate cost of the bulb. Thanks Abhi
My mechanic told me the problem I am having with left front strut is the bearing so I will need to replace both front struts as it comes in a whole assembly and cannot just replace bearing;however in Saab Central foru...
The new radiator part looks different, just don't know if I got the wrong part or is this new radiator updated product correct???
on the tie indicated by the fault. Added air to the tire in the warning but indicator light still on
I recently bought a saab 9-3 and found that CEL is on when I turn on the key along with other indication lights and turns off immediately after starting the engine. Is there any serious problem with that?
The original lenses are extremely clouded over and we have tried cleaning with OTC products with little or no success.
White smoke from Exhaust pipe. Oil leaking out flex pipe b4 catalytic converter. Car runs fine but very little power, once it reaches normal operating temperature it shuts off.
front end noise when going over bumps first said tie-rod then said noise was coming from or due to something in steering column. set it to be rebuilt
Top hose to radiator overflow reservoir broke off and over heated in the red for maybe 3 seconds.. Now car will drive a few minutes then heat up under acceleration? But will cool down at idle! Replaced hose and rese...
my car stops running and will not stare again until it cools down
Not firing properly and is very sluggish tried everything can you help
my saab will start but is choking and will not run properly, changed spark plugs the lot
had the brakes replaced and the brake booster and now the radio wont stop scanning
Mechanic quoted me $1365 to replace both front struts. Is this a good price? Is it safe to continue to drive for a few months? Is it even worth fixing as I paid $5850 for the car.