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This is not just a matter of resetting the schedule. The schedule indicator itself is not functioning. It merely says "next service" and is followed by blanks.
front end noise when going over bumps first said tie-rod then said noise was coming from or due to something in steering column. set it to be rebuilt
Top hose to radiator overflow reservoir broke off and over heated in the red for maybe 3 seconds.. Now car will drive a few minutes then heat up under acceleration? But will cool down at idle! Replaced hose and rese...
Automatic transmission 99 9.3 won't shift out of first goes into reverse but when you shift into drive it stays in first and the rpm just go up
my car stops running and will not stare again until it cools down
Not firing properly and is very sluggish tried everything can you help
my saab will start but is choking and will not run properly, changed spark plugs the lot
My Saab 9-3 on a few a cushions wouldn't start I taped the fuel tank a few time s and it would start until the day came and I taped and taped but it wouldn't start so assumed the pump was finished i replaced it with a...
Left key in the ignition for 2 or 3 hours, battery was flat, recharged, starts OK but....
I just started hearing this clicking noise when the top is up. It will click in rapid fashion about 10 times and then not do it again until I am in the car the next time. I feel it has something to do with the top l...
There is a power steering leak but I cant find where the leak is. I just purchased the car and the people lived on a dirt roadso it is really dirty under the hood
My brake lights are "on" on a constand basis. I've been told this has something to do with the brake light switch and that it may been to be cleand or replaced. I'm not worried about doing the repair myself but I need...
had the brakes replaced and the brake booster and now the radio wont stop scanning
Mechanic quoted me $1365 to replace both front struts. Is this a good price? Is it safe to continue to drive for a few months? Is it even worth fixing as I paid $5850 for the car.
Hi, we had a terrible storm and now my check engine light is on after driving through puddle. What do I need to check. Thank you very much.
i pushed in the clutch an it went all the way to the floor but will still go into all gears but will not move just need to know what it might be n how much to fix it............... william
Car idled OK for some time when I drove it engine overheated instantly
There is visible coolant on top of motor small though