Checking my oil and noticed a gas smell on the dip stick.

Resetting code

I have no speedo, ABS light is on as is the ! warning light. I sent the ABS module for repair, put it in and nothing changed. I wonder if the unit was not fully repaired, though they claimed it was. I have another repaired module coming to swap out with my original and hope that one works!

Car has soft and somewhat fading brake pedal. Pedal continues to slowly fall as pressure is applied. Car has all new genuine pads, rotors and both rear calipers. No fluid leaks nor air in system. My Saab mechanic has never replaced a master cylinder and discounts it being defective. A friend has a 2009 9-3 with similar pedal fade, but not as bad as mine. Any thoughts as to cause.

The auto repair place I bought it too says it has something to do with the cord module

2008 93 Saab Aero Check coolant light comes on a lot and stays on after filling reservoir

It hesitates on take off and wants to stall. Also giving me a diagnostic code that's something is wrong with the temperature.

Cylinder 2 is miss firing

I took to get a oil change and they said they couldn't service it because it had a oil leak

And there was oil in my tailpipe and it's burning white smoke

Speed odometer

key is stuck in ignition and car remained cold the whole time.

New battery but something running after key turned off. Tried to jump start and put new battery in but when key turned off and removed, clicking noise heard around fuse box under hood?

I don't need AWD, How would I go about doing this?