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Noise only occurs while driving. Difficult to pinpoint exactly where sound coming from.

Recently I had my car undergo a "smoke test" prior to repairing whatever was causing my check engine light to come on, 2 months before emmissions test due. They found my purge valve was damaged, so I replaced it. When I returned to mechanic, they cleared my check-engine light for free. What they did not tell me is that I was not likely to pass emmissions until all the OBD monitors reset. So I went to do my emmissions test today (one day before registration due Nov. 30), and could not complete it, due to OBD readiness monitors being "Not Ready" (SID: 10497651). I was told I'd need to do a "Drive Cycle" diagnostic, which I found out online has many steps. There was none that I could locate for my specific make and model (perhaps because Saab is out of business?), but the suggestion was to use the process for GM vehicles. I am a bit dubious about this, and I'm not sure it will work anyway, as I drove the car right after the check engine light was cleared. I drove it some distance, and never followed the Drive Cycle process, because I didn't even know about it. Any suggestions? Do I need to pull battery power again and start over? I suspect that was how mechanic reset my system in the first place.

I have already changed the regulator once, and the window still falls right off the track when I let it go too far down. I have had to keep the door panel off so that I can continually readjust the window on the track. I'm beginning to think it's the wrong window... please help

This problem started when car was P/U after extensive work for smog certification.

Continues to stop & restart but keeps stopping.

Whats wrongf with question

I was listening to my satellite radio, and switched auxiliaries to play my ipod when all the sudden I didn't have a radio, On-Star, or my memory seats. I am always listening to music so not having one in my car for six months is driving me crazy. What can i do to get it fixed?

I recently purchased this beautifully-maintained convertible having 116K on the odometer. The vehicle's only serious flaw is its lack of structural integrity manifasted by serious "cowl shake" experienced on all but smooth roads. I replaced all four shocks but have not felt any difference.

The cover over the motor is not secured with anything and it rattles when driving the car. I stopped at two independent auto part stores and neither one of them knew what to use to fasten it down. There appear to be 6 holes in the plastic cover trim but I don't know if there is a specific type or size of bolt or screw that I need to buy. Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Interior lighting seems okay on most of the interior displays and controls. But there are a few that do not light up such as the Sport mode button on the gear shift and the control dials for driver and passenger seats (A/C temperature and fan speed, heat temperature and fan speed ). At night I am blindly feeling around looking for these controls. Is there anything I can do to fix the problem? The fuse looks okay and tested positive when I checked it.

or ignition system. Will I harm engine to keep driving since repair shop can't take me for another week?

after they put a new battery in it

My speedometer does not work. Could useing an I-Phone and APPS. to monitor the speed have caused the atenator?

Removeing altenator under the car can be more expensive?

I really cannnot tell how much gas I have in it and have run out without warning. When I first got the car in Feburary the gas indicator would read I was low and a light came on. Now the gas guage is all over the place and no warning. Is there a fuse that might regulate the proper amount in the tanl . Also the ignition swith is tricky so when I did not turn it completely off I had to get it jumped. Did this perhaps affect the computer?

I feel a little hiccup in the engine from time to time but nothing more. What could this be? I have a rebuilt engine and turbo about 1.5 years old, new compressor and clutch so do not expect any issues.

Does anyone know a reliable mechanic in or around San Jose Ca?

Front axel boots are torn need to know how to replace them?

The sound seems to be getting louder. I can't stand it.

So it started with the belt making noises and me putting off the simple task of adding tension. Yesterday, out of nowhere, the engine began vibrating so bad the car shook. I drove it home and parked it. It feels like driving over cobblestone roads. Today I start it up to take a look at what I can diagnose and the oil light comes on. Yes, it is at the proper level and has been kept that way.

So.... Where do I start? What can I eliminate immediately to begin to isolate the problem? What should I focus on?

i had battery disconnected for a week while waiting for part
how do i get car to except key again?

Vehicle sat one year. Started up first time after replacing all fluids and filters. Uses no oil. Has 180,000 miles. Gets 32 miles to the gallon. Spark plugs pulled. Look fine. Compression tested reported with in specs. Cant find the source of the check engine light after resetting usually comes back within 150 miles.

1st time this has happened

My car is the 2004 saab arc 2.0T engine and I vud like to now wher is the secondery air injector pump in my car?

drive it 3 mi. and stalled. now it will start after 12 hrs but stalls out when attemting to re star I only get clicking. HELP

i purchased a 2001 saab 9-5 turbo 2/12/13 drove for 3 1/2 weeks. passenger side of radiator blew never over heated.repaired under car back drove 1 day then rough and stumbling engine.told bad head gasket,creamy warranty company say i might have pay for repair.i did nothing wrong.did not drive after radiator incident. what should i do only drove this car for less than a month not even 600 miles.thinking of lemon law lawyer.

It will close but it only goes the two inches and then stops any suggestions?

the smell is intermittent and sometimes after non-use overnight;
no codes on it and nothing showed up on system pressure test;
sometimes no smell for weeks then starts again; gas cap ok; worse in hot weather; full or low gas tank no difference

bad exhaust/catalytic converter?

Wat do I need to do

They come back down about a third of the way