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Does anyone know where the blower motor relay is and the blower motor for the cabin.
cost to replace the balance shafts on thsi 2.4L 4-cyl engine?
cold air comming out when heat is on
Oil pressure low/stop engine light on. Back in July same thing and dealer replaced sensor. replaced sensor again yesterday, said not the problem. Now today they said the MIU needs to be replaced - and they can only...
how can i disable SRS light in dash?
my 92 Saab 900S failed low idle emissions w 239 of 220 ppm but passed high idle w 94 of 220 ppm. what would cause this problem and where would i start in terms of correcting this problem (repairs)
Engine is still not getting fuel. Engine is turning over and fires when I spray fuel in. Pump is working. Fuel pump can only be installed in 1 direction. Checked fuses & they are good. Help!
HVAC issues ACC codes 08 and 14: I need to fix a loose left blend door and a loose air distributor motor - defroster is not blowing and can't effectively control the temp of the car. Any knowledgable estimates here...
Do I need to remove the radiator, grille, to install the new hose? Thank you
Saturday, my pulley for my power steering comes off while I was driving. Should I be suspicious of foul play?
car has been sitting unused, cleaning the car out and the airbags went off
at a cost of 1100.00 is ther any way to tell if it is just the plugs? and is this to much?
the oil light comes on when car comes to a stop and the car shuts off when driving
guuing looking mess in reservour
The gasket is completely eroded and it let water all into my passenger side last week. The OEM part is less than 40 dollars but I'm wondering what the dealer should charge for the labor of removing the old gasket tha...
I live in Napa, California and my front spoiler is attached to the left side only. What should I expect to pay for repair? Thanks!
It's stuck in about a 90 degree angle to the seat bottom, making it very uncomfortable for passengers :(. The power toggle to move the seat forward and backward works but the recline toggle does not. Any ideas how t...
could not shift out of park, gearbox warning came on. turned car off, restarted, was able to shift into reverse but warning came on again. Was able to back out of driveway and drive back in, towed to saab mechanic, ha...
I asked how i can fix a saab 9000cse 92/94 american model which has its gearbox chamber mistakenly filled with half a small sieze dot3 brake fluid?
The SRS light has been on for the last 4,000 miles. Is there a repair option other than $1,000 for a new module?
the ecm on my 2003 saab 93 needs replacement I bought a used one to replace it with my question is do they need to be synched togehter or can i just replace it..
i was washing the engine off and let it run for 20 minutes after i washed it. When i restarted the car the check engine light came on and it won't go off. HELP
want to buy used saab 2002 turbo...needs head gasket this such a big deal..does it go on most cars at a certain # of miles thanks karen
My Air Conditioner isn't working and according to the code it is a 1....14 which translates to a loose air distribution motor. How would I go about fixing this? How much would it cost?
its a 1999 saab 9-5 head gasket replacement,whats the torque for cylinder head bolts?
I am leaking engine oil (approx 4"x6" spot) from the driver side, center part of the engine. I haven't noticed any other leaks. What could be leaking and how costly might it be?
my question is why is it that every website says that i have to get an additional o ring gasket for the water pump? where do the o-ring gaskets go and why do i need 3 of them? and another thing is do i put gasket seal...