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someone told me that it doesn't recognize being in park because it's an automatic and that specific switch cannot be ordered anymore. It runs fine until you stop...then acts like a dead nail...but not like a dead batt...
I have replaced the battery, ignition, alternator, all wires, coil. My 1993 Convertible will still leave me stranded on a road trip more than 25 miles. It acts like it's completely dead with no power and even when jum...
driving along car dies; will not restart winds over ok but will not restart;it is diesel how do i tell if it is the fuel pump or the injection pump
it sometime hesitate and then jumps really hard when put into drive or reverse
All is working right now, but noisy. Since single belt is connected to other major systems, how can I avoid a costly repair when I do not care about having AC, but have to replace the bearing before it freezes up?
I just bought my 95 SAAB 9000 Griffin Edition a couple of weeks ago. The guy I bought it from said it needed a new radiator, and a heater core. I bought the new radiator, but before I buy a new heater core I want to m...
I just got my car back from the shop and the shop said my Valve Cover Gasket was leaking and needs replaced. For this I don't think it should cost that much at all. What would be your estimate to replace this?
part of my question was cut off. Coolant is leaking badly from the area of the water pump. Is there anyplace else in that specific area that the coolant could be leaking from
in that area where the coolant could be leaking? Also the belt keeps slipping off and its very oily. Are the two likely places for the oil to be leaking, the tensioner or the valve cover
could the restraining spring cause this to happen? I notice its missing on the side I hear the grinding.
I just got my saab out of shop, now it is overheating there is no leak in the container that holds water or antifreeze. Help
the bulbs and fuses are ok.
also the emergency light are not working is it just a fuse or more? thanks
If I sit in the car and listen to the radio even for 5 minutes or have the keys in the ignition and door open when loading the car, the battery drains completely and I need to get a jump start. All other times the ca...
Does anyone know where the blower motor relay is and the blower motor for the cabin.
cost to replace the balance shafts on thsi 2.4L 4-cyl engine?
cold air comming out when heat is on
Oil pressure low/stop engine light on. Back in July same thing and dealer replaced sensor. replaced sensor again yesterday, said not the problem. Now today they said the MIU needs to be replaced - and they can only...
how can i disable SRS light in dash?
my 92 Saab 900S failed low idle emissions w 239 of 220 ppm but passed high idle w 94 of 220 ppm. what would cause this problem and where would i start in terms of correcting this problem (repairs)
Engine is still not getting fuel. Engine is turning over and fires when I spray fuel in. Pump is working. Fuel pump can only be installed in 1 direction. Checked fuses & they are good. Help!
HVAC issues ACC codes 08 and 14: I need to fix a loose left blend door and a loose air distributor motor - defroster is not blowing and can't effectively control the temp of the car. Any knowledgable estimates here...
Do I need to remove the radiator, grille, to install the new hose? Thank you
Saturday, my pulley for my power steering comes off while I was driving. Should I be suspicious of foul play?
car has been sitting unused, cleaning the car out and the airbags went off
at a cost of 1100.00 is ther any way to tell if it is just the plugs? and is this to much?