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It's been at the delear for over a week and they just keep changing parts is there any electrical issues with the 13 model year or recalls
It feels like my differential bangs when I come to a stop some times it happens ten seconds after I have stopped
Sometimes I'll loose 4th gear and no down shift. Only code I had was gas cap. Codes clear now. Makes me think it's vacuum related.tried carb cleaner around the top of the engine got a small surge behind the plenum. An...
Will not start sometimes until after many tries. Have replaced battery and fuel pump. Runs fine after start. Have run Seafoam and Lucas Gas treatment through fuel system. No system codes. Not sure where to try next. ...
Nothing was sitting on either set of keys and truck was locked.
I have 22900 miles on my truck, yesterday it started to make a clunking noise, sounds like it's coming from drivers side front end. I can feel it in the pedal, at first it was just when turning left now it doesn't mat...
Stalls with no engine lights coming on and starts right back up
While driving I accidentally pressed the Manuel controls it shifted to 1st gear I did not notice at first but I felt the engine slow down then I quickly put it back on drive it drove normally after but what I want to ...
this is happening about every 2 weeks. Chrysler is telling me they have not had other reports of this problem. Dealer has changed the door handle. I feel there is a short in the wiring system
I rebuilt a flood truck and it has completely all new sensors, moduals and all wiring. it starts and idles fine, but won't rev past 3,000 rpm and doesn't shift out of 1st gear. shows a TPS code but the dealer replaced...
put it into drive, two min later it went automatically into 4th, manually , i couldnt gear up or down outta 4th. every time i try to put it in automaatic drive.. it goes back to forth
Sometimes i have heat and sometimes i dont. I can start the day off having heat, then when i start it up later and the temp gauge gets up to temp it will just blow cold air.
Welded seam connecting floor and side of bed is split.Ram saying this is normal.
it seems like shifter is not going to park all the way, some times does not stick------ any adjustment on shifter or switch that it may not be making up all the time--------what should I tell dealer ????????