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Belle Tire repair shop says that I need a control and idler arm, just want to know if any recalls

Thank you

Sometimes when I start the truck, I can her a clicking noise, but it seems to go away after it warms up. The truck is brand new, and I noticed it the first time the day after I brought the truck home. The dealer said a truck sounds differently, (as if I didn't know that), but it was very distinct. They said they can't hear it, and won't repair it until they do. I have the warranty, but I don't want more damage done to the engine.

Transmission is acting wear and only stay in 4th gear at 30-35mph don't change to other gears or seep up, not even if I do it manually any suggestions.

Ignition key has been reprogrammed several times, does not solve problem. Mechanism that reads key has been replaced. Radio Hub module has been replaced. Factory technicians did electronic configuration twice. Problem still exists. HELP and THANK YOU

no brake lights fuses good power coming to and from brake petal switch,what do i need to check next?also how do you get tailight lense off?

was driving down the highway with cruise on 115km engine started reving up now I can go more then 40k/hr temp good/oil good...did my own oil change couple months ago couldn't get rid of oil change due now it has oil change

Gas Nozzle getting stuck

A.c compressor can be fixed?

I want to level the front of my truck, but don's want to cause the ball joints to wear out prematurely

has anyone else had a front axle seal blow on the new dodge ram 1500 big horn. mine has 350 miles on it and theirs grease everywhere underneath.

Charge light comes on truck won't start

The lightning bolt comes on on the dash and truck won't start

I had the light come on a couple weeks ago but it went out. Today it came on coming home from work, when I got home I checked the code and it says its a coolant bypass valve stuck. It must have unstuck itself because it went out when I went to the store. What does this code mean?

What do I need to buy so that my steering wheel Controls won't work with my aftermarket stereo?

I'm going to change out my UConnect 3.0 for an aftermarket stereo what do I need to buy so I can keep using my steering wheel controls? 2014 ram 1500

When I have my headlights on I get a parking lamp out message every time I apply the brakes. I've checked all of my lights and they are working correctly. Any ideas?

My normal ride height id light no longer is showing up in the lower right corner of my dash.
All other levels are showing up other than normal, the 2 bars do not show up either.
I want to know if this is an update in the functionality of this model, which is a 2014 Ram 1500 Laramie with a 3.92 posi-traction, full length center console, and air ride.
This truck has 11k miles apx. and is in excellent condition, I have taken it back for the factory recalls and always serviced as needed. I took it to the dealership and was told they're not sure if it's spouse to be illuminated, which made me angry.

My Ram 1500 when purchased had an ID light and 2 bars when driving in NORMAL position.
I still have OFF ROAD 1 and 2 and EXIT/ENTRY showing, only NORMAL seems to have malfunctioned.
Did the powers that be do a system upgrade that made this NORMAL position ID light no longer available for viewing, or is there a problem with this truck?

Note when choosing a model 1500 was nothe listed

wont start

feels like its just blowing outside air

65,000 miles got the truck ...Changed throttle ran for an hour next day same thing turning over wont start

passenger high beam does not work ... changed bulb and still nothing

I have a 5.7 hemi with a bad tick. I took it into the dealer and just to have the camshaft and lifters replaced they quoted 3400 dollars. something doesn't sound right

Every time I turn my truck off hear a fan or small motor sounds coming from somewhere around my fuel tank(which is just in front of my driver side rear tire). It dies turn off till it's completely drained my battery. Need to find out what it is cus it just killed one battery and don't want to have to replace my new one..

My check engine light came on and I got error code P018c "Fuel Pressure Sensor "B" Circuit Low. I will try getting a gas cap first, but if I need to change the sensor, I need to know how hard it is and where I can purchase the part.

The front power window switches also don't work. Truck shift fine but no power??????? Had been recently on cold mornings the gauges wouldn't kick on then after truck warmed up they would kick on new problem started today when they kicked on. Windshield wipers also stay on bypassing switch tried pulling relays that should kill truck but doesn't somehow bypassing?????

I have changed the fuel rail sensor. The dealer checked the electrical plug. The code still comes up after I have reset the code within about 50 miles. I just can't keep throwing money it trouble shooting. Any further suggestions? Where is the best place to take it to try and solve the problem? Ram dealer or others?