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I am doing a retrofit of the base radio to the OEM PSM 2.1 Navigation.
I can turn on my headlights but when I pull the knob for the fog lights to engage they will come on but once I release they shut back off and the only way they will stay on is if I hold the button out
I'm wondering if she hit a speed bump? What could cause the car to leak from both the front and back? The front leak looked more like thick liquid (it was night out) and the back leak looked more liquidy (it didn't "p...
brakes wont return after applied seems like vacum prob it causes engine to drag or stall. very dangerous
the actual audio noise goes out but the Navi/audio display is on and functional its like someone unplugged the speakers its 2004 cayenne s nothing aftermarket can anyone help
i have 1986 944 turbo my interior temp. is erratic how to fix
i have a little tear just over the rear window where the top bend to fold down it look like premature wear
I've been looking through the owners manual but it doesn't say anything!
It just started doing this and after about 5 min it starts to sputter and then dies.
I've been searching for over a year now doing my research on the Cayenne S, and yes it's a Porsche, I just need to know what to expect in the future.
The oil is spreading onto the inside of the right hand front wheel, brakes and suspension
back of sunroof is up and relay module is gone
recently had right window regulator replaced. all worked fine till today. put top down on my 99 Boxster and windows went down like normal. Put top up and windows will only go up half way.
Hi i was wondering if anyone knows if i can replace my airbag with (Upgrade my (non) Multi-function Steering Wheel to make it a (Multi-Function) one) a multifunction airbag? and is it a simple retrofit or do i need to...
Also radio will not power off, draining the battery
Vehicle acting like it has interrupted electrical current, but it starts and rides normal. 1) Turning signal display delayed or frozen on instrument cluster, but if you look outside it working with normal intervals. ...
the blinking red light is on the side of the panel.
I am having intermittent problems in shifting my boxster into the park position. It requires great force, and appears to be getting worse. I am now just leaving it in neutral and using my hand brakes. Please Help!
I recently had the engine rebuilt and it's been acting funny the transmission for a couple of months.
While the car was super low on gas then drove not it's running rough and missfiring and the check engine light is on I have checked coils and plugs put the right gas in and can't get it to run right how can I fix this...