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rear engine vent will not go down, How do I fix this?
The Boxster had a common feature where the windows would open and close a small way when you open and close the door. This has almost stopped on my driver's door. The window tries to go down a little but then stops....
I would like to save money and buy and replace the air filter myself. How is this done?
car starts fine then starts slowin down act like not gettin gas as rpm increases- going to replacr gas filter and fuel pump? don't know where fuel pump is located. any other ideas appreciated
while driving car runs fine at first when it gets warm it just bogs down and won't go. after turning it off and restarting runs fine for awhile and the does the same thing
My 2005 Boxster convertible top stopped working. It opens, but the ragtop does not come out and I do not hear any motor noise. I checked the fuse & it was OK. Any advise?
The starter will not crank, all of the dash lights come on. The windows won’t work, the trunk release will not work and the interior lights will not work. I have a new battery about 6 months old, this just happened. I...
trying to replace the front brakes but cannot remove the caliper to get the pads out. Removed bolts, but caliper won't budge
I am the original owner, 15,800mi/25,600km. My car has been perfect. This morning, I drove it a short distance and when I returned, I saw an 18"x24" pool of very clean oil where I park my car. I have not driven it s...
Battery was drained but I had the hood open so that I can recharge the battery which I did. However the ignition is locked. How can I unlock it so that I can start the engine?
Can someone tell me my car have a fault code (O) beside hand bake light, what is this mean? Please help
replace air filter
The remote key lock, windows and trunk lids have stopped working. Any ideas????
This problem just started a couple of days ago, when the engine reaches its normal temp. The engine will not idle it stalls. The check engine light is on steady. This has never happened before, the car has 55,000 mil...
Are Tie Rod ends the same as busings
For normal use, how long anticipated would a clutch need before it is due for replacement?
I just like to know if a code from air bag can be eraze by disconnecting the module,I trigger the light while replced the w/regulator,by mistake I turn the switch on with the bag unpluged
How to get trunk popped when battery is dead
Is there a way of opening the front luggage compartment manually - electrical solenoid is faulty. Can hear it working but won't release the catch.