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Help! Is there a manual way to get the top up?
The first thing that this car started to do was not allow me to put down the top, then the windows wont go up or down, the key remote wont work or set alarm, and now it wont start. Have checked battery, have checked f...
I start my car (1986 Porsche 944T) and I can not shift the shift stick into any gear, including reverse. I can then turn the engine off and the lever will go into all gears. I restart the engine, and then I can shif...
water is leaking and I donot know where behind seat on passenger side is soaking wet
Today my power windows quit working. The fuse is fine and we can't find the source of the problem. Everything else is working fine. Fox
using diagnostic tools to diagnose, no fault code present. vehicle can only select to low range, two option>gear reduction on or off, but cant select to ON ROAD drive. after select to ON ROAD drive, instrument cluste...
My battery goes dead over night. I have replaced the battery but it did not fix the porblem?
Every time I start my 76 911 (with the idle at 1000 rpms), I start to hear a stretching sound that seems to be coming from the fan/alternator area. As the stretching sounds, the rpms go from 1000 to 3000/4000. The fan...
Car only has 17,000 miles and is in excellant shape. The clutch engages properly and does not slip. Just the free play at the top feels stiff almost like it needs adjusted if it were cable activated but, operates okay.
I just prurchased a 99 Boxster and can not turn on the cruise control...any tips?
I am considering a Boxster, and am wondering what the "typical" average will cost for an oil and filter change, and how often this maintenance is suggested?
it happened when i was driving for a while and i park the car to do some business transacton when i came back all the coalant was in the ground and it is leaking right under the car, troubleshoot. filled with water, c...
How do i rebuild a transmission for a 97 porsche boxster? Transmission is ZF5HP19. It is an automatic.
My dealer offered me a deal on new tires that were manufactured in March 2008 which makes these tires 2 + years old. What is your recommendation on buying.
cost to replace a water pump on 2001 911 ???
how to reset service reminder on cayenne 2009. Is it possible by Actron OBD2? Thank you in advance.
the fan is waorking but there is no heat and air condition coming out.
Can the rotors on the Porsche Cayenne be machine and repaired. My Dealer said they can not. Is that true?
We have a Porsche Cayenne that needs new rotors. The dealer said the rotors on a Porsche can not be machined and repaired. Is that true?
my window will not operate with the door lach. all switches work and i have it apart and apears that when the window is completely up that there is slack in the cable.
where is starter located,how do u remove
the air bag light stays on all the time . we had a o/s window regulator fitted after fitting an elecrician tested the system all indicated that the air bags are working but the light still stays on
stored my car over the winter, now I can't get the battery to even have enough juice to release the front hood, so that I can fully charge the car battery. I tried utilizing the fuse box, red (positive connector) an...
wind screen blew off on frewway - now top won't go up
I just bough a 2001 Boxster S and have the Following Problems: ** Door rattle on the Dirvers side. How do you remove the door panel to see what it is? ** Intermittent muffler chatter. Check for loose brackets found ...
my power seats slide forward and backwards or up and down while i'm driving i'm not and my memory on my seats will not set
After car is warmed up and i park it i see a very small leak of yellow coolant dripping on driverside exhaust tailpipe.the coolant level seems fine and car operating temp warm stays about 180-190.i've looked underneat...
can you use non porsche batteries in a 911 porsche
how do i remove the front rotors? Is it a floating