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After changing the oil on my Porsche Cayenne I need to turn the service light off. If you could tell me how to do this it would be very helpful.
I'm interested in purchasing a used 03 Porsche Boxster. I'm concerned about maintenance costs. any recommendations?
where do i find instructions online to take apart the door on a 2003 boxter to replace the window regulater?
how difficult is it to do a clutch job on a 2001 boxer
Within the last week, in my 2004 Porsche Cayenne, a warning sign is displayed ("check brake shop" which I assume means that my brakes need to be replaced) so I am going in to a shop to get a second estimate. My quest...
Driving my 1999 Porsche Boxster and all of a sudden the car is very loud. Could it be the carburator? Is that expensive? Maybe the exhaust/muffler? Car sounds like a boat. This car has been my nightmare! HELP! Do I ha...
The interior light stays on and I can't lock the door with my alarm. I think it's the driver door.
I am running a little less then 210. Seems it is overheating after driving for about 1 hour. Can you help me. Give me some idea of my problem.
Heard loud clanking noice then oil leaked out
I was nstalling a new front license plate cover and needed to use longer screws. The screw went through a hose located directly behind the existing hole. What hose is it? It has to be a plastic or rubber hose as it le...
i already replaced the battery and teh before that it started right up just curious as to other possible issues?
Any ideas??? Just dead..no lights..nothing..Other than that, what a great car!! Got it recently, but LOVE driving it. Very clean, good condition 2006
I can still open the front compartment with a cloth and screw drive by popping the compartment hood up and releasing the latch. Is this done with a cable or an electrial device?
When the engine starts, the engagement gear occasionally squeels loudly. I assume the shaft that it spins on needs a little lubrication. When I got under the engine, the starter is not in any conventional location I'v...
My 02 Boxster overheated. I lost fluid. I shut the engin down waited for it to cool down and refilled with Anit-freeze. It has not over heated since. The tank was full when this occured. The fan was running. Doe...
I was informed to avoid looking at 1990-91 Porsche 911's. Is there a reason?
My AC lights are flashing and AC is not functioning correctly can i reboot system? Perhaps pull out the fuse?
The Check Engine Light went on a few times and stayed on. Took the car to dealer and each time did not indicate any problems. The car drives normally with no problems. What else could be causing this aside from what i...
968 started and ran fine after installing new fuel pump. Now it will not start. I have spark and fuel. Is there a sensor that sends fuel to the injectors? If so where is it?
Cannot shift into gear with engine running, will shift when engine is off. looked at the clutch fork,it moves when the clutch is depressed. put the car into gear and started engine, of course it move forware but could...
I have an electrical short and my horn goes off when I step on the brake or open the door.
I have a 2010 Cayenne that I purchased new with about 8,000 miles. I was shocked when the fuel pump went out on it leaving me stranded. Anyone else? Sure loved it until now ....
Car wont start,no spark at distribuidor, no signs of fuel at inyectors
wheel well marker light. do you need to pull the light housing out to change the bulb
How do you replace the ECU for the convertible top?
It happens sometimes. but its getting to be more often. It will not go into gear when it has started. is it the clutch or tranny? when you start it in reverse (with the clutch pedal depressed) it starts to move, it se...
How do I remove the spark plugs
i have a oil leak coming fromaround the rear bumper shocks
I have a2004 Cayenne S. The rear folding seat does not fold down, The center seat belt is stuck where it wont come out. Is this why the seat wont fold down?