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I have an electrical short and my horn goes off when I step on the brake or open the door.

have tried rep[lacing both bulbs drivers side low beam still not working. checked fuse and nothing... any answers?

I have a 2010 Cayenne that I purchased new with about 8,000 miles. I was shocked when the fuel pump went out on it leaving me stranded. Anyone else? Sure loved it until now ....

Car wont start,no spark at distribuidor, no signs of fuel at inyectors

Firts time it hapen

wheel well marker light. do you need to pull the light housing out to change the bulb

after repair at shop, air conditioning not engaging and ABS light and ABS not working,



How do you replace the ECU for the convertible top?

Also do you have the correct spacer detail for the orginalpulley?

It happens sometimes. but its getting to be more often. It will not go into gear when it has started. is it the clutch or tranny? when you start it in reverse (with the clutch pedal depressed) it starts to move, it seems the clutch is already sort of engaged. Starting it on first gear does not move it forward though; it seems to move more in reverse when started in gear. It almost seems like clutch problem. I have replaced the master and slave hydraulics and bled the system. Why is it intermittent? Sometimes it will start fine, other times it wont get into any gear. You would think if something is bad it would always stays bad.

How do I remove the spark plugs

Car was last driven 6 days ago. This morning it would not turn over ... got computer "system fault: air bag" message. Any suggestions other than having it towed into the dealership?

i have a oil leak coming fromaround the rear bumper shocks

I have a2004 Cayenne S. The rear folding seat does not fold down, The center seat belt is stuck where it wont come out. Is this why the seat wont fold down?

Battery light came on, replaced battery, with new battery (old one was shot), and battery light still on? Did diagnostic check, nothing came back......checked fuses, all are operating, any ideas on why the "idiot light is still on?" Manuals said belt might not be working but also stated Power steering would be gone, all appears to be working when I fire it up.

Help! Is there a manual way to get the top up?

The first thing that this car started to do was not allow me to put down the top, then the windows wont go up or down, the key remote wont work or set alarm, and now it wont start. Have checked battery, have checked fuses, have disconnected the battery overnight with hopes of resetting the computer. No luck, still not starting, dashboard lights all come in with key in ignition and air conditioner comes on as well, no radio - checked fuses, cant get control locking button to come on either. What is going on with this car, I have only owned it for two weeks and drove great until three days ago.

the car is turning off,stalls, wile the a/c is on, when breaking to stop

I start my car (1986 Porsche 944T) and I can not shift the shift stick into any gear, including reverse. I can then turn the engine off and the lever will go into all gears. I restart the engine, and then I can shift into all gears. This is happening somewhat fequently. When I park the car, I park on a slight upward incline. Thanks for your help. Mercer

water is leaking and I donot know where behind seat on passenger side is soaking wet

how do i reset the maintenance reminder light after changing oil


Today my power windows quit working. The fuse is fine and we can't find the source of the problem. Everything else is working fine. Fox

using diagnostic tools to diagnose, no fault code present.
vehicle can only select to low range, two option>gear reduction on or off, but cant select to ON ROAD drive. after select to ON ROAD drive, instrument cluster comes out ''4wd system fault''

I had an electrical short in the wiring harness from the relay box to the brake switch; The air bag light was affected. A couple of the wires that burned, made contact with the wire going into the dashboard display and the light for airbag was turned on by the burning wires toching it.
I replaced the burnt wires and now the the light stays on. Do I need to go back to the dealer to reset the computer because the falt is in the memory?
The cause of the problem was the rear brake light wire in the harness shorting. I'm the third owner and I guess someone someone in the past years, put a cheap fuse that melted it's plastic casing like Shrink Wrap, making the two prongs come together and keeping a constant closed circuit. If you know DC current, it gets hot, fire very fast.

water leak i checked the bottom hoses and there ok the water is coming from above the bottom hoses in the engine area

My battery goes dead over night. I have replaced the battery but it did not fix the porblem?

Every time I start my 76 911 (with the idle at 1000 rpms), I start to hear a stretching sound that seems to be coming from the fan/alternator area. As the stretching sounds, the rpms go from 1000 to 3000/4000. The fan belt is new/ and tight. I just bought the car recently and the previous owner told me this has never happened to him and that the car was recently tuned up at a Porsche dealer before my purchase. Here is a youtube video (not my car) but another car making the same sound.

Any help would be greatly appreciated -