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Turns over strong, when I turn key over without cranking the rpms jump up and down between 2 an 3... seems electrical any ideas?
?what causes 0420 not 2 clear after shop redid intake manifold gasket. ? Oxygen censer? Or cat. Converter replacement ?
The engine went off while I was driving. The fuel pump was tested and is okay. Cranking sensor has been tested and is okay. There is a lot of dirt in the fuel tank.
I just bought a manual transmission, 2006 Vibe. The clutch engages at about 1/2" from the floor. Is this normal? It seems low. My daughter can drive it but I (I have been driving manual xmission all my life ahah) have...
Nothing hanging or appears to be broken. is there a flex joint? or belt? that could break. Or a solenoid that can be checked
My mechanic told me it was a worn out bolt or is it a heater relay?
I removed the crank handle, and the door panel, but I cannot see where the screw is and, what type of tool I need too. Can you help me?
05 Vibe AWD 100k miles...running good EXCEPT now have CLICKING-RATCHETING noise coming from drivetrain. Directly correlates with speed...but faster rotation than wheel rotation rate, so thinking it's coming from Drive...
Exterior lights work but none of the interior gauges light up. Speedometer, fuel and so forth. We already had the fuses checked and told by mechanic that this was not the problem. Any ideas?
As a result I have no radio, lights, power windows, power locks, and stuck in park(I figured out how to override that) and in moving to safer parking, the transmission shifts roughly. Is this going to cost a fortune ...
My husband found out why my AC would quit blowing when I stopped or accelerated, but we are having a problem fixing it permanently. Turns out a cable behind the radio that resembles a bicycle cable is jarring loose. W...
ECM was replaced as part of the recall 2-3 Years ago. Car will not start after running for a few minutes. All interior lights & radio come on. When turn ignition on everything shuts off...Battery Light, Check Engine &...
this pole is additional to the taller on top of the vibe.is common to 2006 models but not all 06 models have it
The air bag light is now on. The insurance company says the collision could not have caused it. The code says bad module. Is this possible. They also say the passager air bag is turned off. I do not not remember doing...
Lights out cant see shifter at night.
running lights,tail lights, liscense plate dont turn on dashlights on but no control
is a special puller required to pull the brake rotors off?
My AC has been working fine. The other day I went into a store for a few minutes. When I came back out and restarted, the AC blows but its all hot air. Not as hot as the heater, but hot none the less. I checked the fu...
Take a long time to fill gas tank. Can hear the fuel backing up as if the tank is full. Wait a few seconds and it will take anouther 1/2 gallon or so. Can't see any blockage.
Tried hooking up lights. Work with engine off and turning on using light switch, then when turning ignition on, they do not work. Heard to disconnect a the DRL and auto light sensor.