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Drove fine to friends garage, got break pressure then turned off and wont start. Lights and radio work just wont run.
There was no warning no noises just loss of steering whan i refilled it it gushed right out dow NC and to the left near drivers front wheel. It was cold in the teens for 3 to 4days prior. 2000 Daytona 500edition 160 ...
my daughter went to leave for school today when she started the car the brake was extremely hard and the steering wheel wouldn't move at all. The gas pedal worked just fine. on the dash the battery light was on but th...
I can turn the van on but when I tried to put it in gear the handle was very loose and it will not catch. I was told that the bolt was missing from under the hood that holds it. Help
when im driving down the road in my 2001 pontiac sunfire se coupe the service engine light theft system and traction off and gauges quit working or all light up at the same time whats wrong?
I've had this problem for over a year now. sometimes car idle smoothly, others it chugs hard, almost stalls itself out/ battery fluctuates. When accelerating easy it runs normal. when accelerating heavy there is a lou...
interior lights and sunroof do not work either. happened all at once parked car came back a week later locks, interior lights, sunroof seem to have no power
Changed lock tumbler, now no power at all except for the dome lights any suggestions?
And back on and it works fine it shifts fine but also when I stop and go it seems like it slips sometimes the fluid is good when I chexked it but on the dip stick it has little bubbles
The van goes in and out and has a hard time turning or going without the clutch catching
1989 pontiac firebird formula cost to convert from auto to manual tranny?
It smokes the most when the ac is running. I have it checked for a burnt valve and it doesn't have one. Please help. I love my car and it's a good car. This is the only problem I've had with it besides the front win...
symptoms- brake pedal shutters and pulses-also engine temperature gauge doesnt work falls to zero. seems to only happen when engine hot or good and warm. live in cold climate in canada when leave cool down and start s...
it is stalling and hunting , I had the codes read and replaced the mass air and the cam shaft sensor, fuel filter .it is still not right
Car running like crap all of a sudden, loss of engine power, traction control and check engine light all have come on at once. Will run okay for a minute and then start missing, stalling and running like crap all of a...
My machanic says I new one but I can't afford it be repaired except for my my brother in law.
tried another relay still same results what else could be my problem checked purple wire for a open it checked out ok
it acts like its not shifting into a higher gear.
What causes this noise? I have replaced the wheel bearing, this noise only happens when making a left turn