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So my boyfriend drove the van up the street to meet with his brother. It was driving just fine, then he parked and turned the van o# to meet up with his brother. When he went to leave, the van wouldn't turn back on. W...
I can turn the van on but when I tried to put it in gear the handle was very loose and it will not catch. I was told that the bolt was missing from under the hood that holds it. Help
Where is the crank sensor look like an located
The van died when driving down the highway.I checked the timing chain, changed the spark plugs and wires, changed the fuel filter. I know its getting spark and fuel. These are all the codes before I did any thing: P...
Hesitation. Rpm on dash 0, crank sensor new. Plugs new, plug wires new. Any ideas where to turn now. Plz help.
Air conditioner blows air always but not always cold air, it kicks out. When set on heat does same thing, blows air but the heat often kicks out and no heat just air.
when parked after a while the car starts to beep similar to a door ajar and if left for a few days it kills the battery
when shut off and sitting after awhile it starts to beep like a door open and kills battery
The car runs good except for idle,I replaced the IAC sensor, cleaned the MAP sensor, Ineed to but didn't clean the throttle plate, seems like it is gummed up around the edges.
almost acts like its binding up......HELP
Sometimes works sometimes doesn't. The wipers always work on high but only sometimes on low or mist. Washer pump sometimes goes along with the blades and often doesn't. Garage says needs new switch assembly but no lon...
Slippage when comparing input shaft speed to the output shaft speed. Is this expensive to fix? I'm trying to find out the average cost of repairs including labor. I'd appreciate any help:)
I thought the swith on the motor on the passenger side stoped working an. Had it tested and it works. The window will only go down not up. Whe had to jump start the window with a battery to get it to go up. We even ch...
Fuel filter has never been replaced. Where is it located, can I DIY?
there is no spark and can not here the fuel pump come on when you turn the key
after taking my van in for an oil change it started to make a noise but before that the oil light came on I am wondering if once all the oil and gunk was removed from the engine would that possibly be the piston hi...
The starter is easily turning over the engine but it is taking longer and longer to "catch/start" the last couple of weeks. It always used to start in a second. ( 193K miles) I tried to turn it on to "pump it up" a fe...
I can see the front ones.....but NOT the back ones...HELP
suspect wiring between relay and pump is bad, maybe a bad ground, but need a schematic to know where wires going so I don't wreck low voltage side of circuit. popped fuse once. any ideas?
I've already replaced the fuel pump relay
car was sitting up for a while, is backfiring and idles high
My car engine just stopped while in drive, It won't restart but clicks. Any Ideas? I suspect that it is electrical.