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The sound stops when the car slows down and when it is parked
And also I can hear what sounds like water moving in the engine when I give it gas not sure what caused that
door was fine untile yesterday, it felt like somthing inside snaped .I just want advice before I try to repair it myself
When u turn key she tries to roll over but won't..I've tried boosting it and putting some stuff to Un thaw gas line incase that was it but still won't start please help
Vehicle appears to be operating normally.
The blower Motor worked intermitantly for a couple of days and then stopped working all together. The heat heats up fine and the AC has cold air but the air does not blow out. I have turned he car on and off several t...
The engine needle remains revved on high before the vehicle is in drive.
When I start it after has sat from about an hour, it will idol down and sound like it is going to shut off. Sometimes, it does shut off. So I have to start again, and sometimes rev the engine. Brand new battery as of ...
there is also a rumbling sound when trying to reverse
Not all at once but over time.the dealer says there are no bulbs to replace,just a panel,,900 dollars,,,,anyone one have this happen,or should I just buy a cheap flashlight..?
Right & left brake lights don't work, third light works, bulbs are new, all lamps work, stoplamp fuse is good, what else could it be?
Mechanic says its a printed circuit board that operates the window washer. Quoted me $640 parts & labor. Any suggestions?
Drained my batt twice. I have: Pulled both under dash and engine DTR relays and they stay on still. I have tried every combination of "break, light, key, emergency break" possible. No combination will shut off the DTR...
sometimes you need to turn ignition on and off to reset to 0
i have a 07 pontiac torrent and it says service traction control light is on and i need to know what the promle is
Car will barely go in drive and low 4. It does better in low 2. it jumps slightly when go to reverse.
my sunroof drains were clogged and water poured into the drivers side from the roof, took it to the dealer and they cleared the lines but since then every time it rains water is now coming in from somewhere into the c...