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I replaced brake pads 2 months ago. ABS/Traction control light still come on and grinding noise. After those lights come on, it doesn't grind but it still squeaks.
there is also a rumbling sound when trying to reverse
Panel illumination light have all stopped working on fan ,temp,air flow...dealer says panel has to be replaced at over 900 dollars. Says there are no bulbs to be replaced...just a new panel...or should I just buy a fl...
Not all at once but over time.the dealer says there are no bulbs to replace,just a panel,,900 dollars,,,,anyone one have this happen,or should I just buy a cheap flashlight..?
how can someone check transmisson fluid if it's a sealed system
Right & left brake lights don't work, third light works, bulbs are new, all lamps work, stoplamp fuse is good, what else could it be?
Mechanic says its a printed circuit board that operates the window washer. Quoted me $640 parts & labor. Any suggestions?
my ignition key will not turn at all.. please let me knw how to remove the lock switch.
the brake light and turn signals work ok. could it be a fuse or relay gone bad?
Drained my batt twice. I have: Pulled both under dash and engine DTR relays and they stay on still. I have tried every combination of "break, light, key, emergency break" possible. No combination will shut off the DTR...
sometimes you need to turn ignition on and off to reset to 0
My problem is I have my ABS & Traction light on, and now the car starts bogging out and then it gets going, it also whistles when going from 1000rpm and I start Accelarating.
i have a 07 pontiac torrent and the service traction control light is on and i would like to know what the promble is
i have a 07 pontiac torrent and it says service traction control light is on and i need to know what the promle is
Car will barely go in drive and low 4. It does better in low 2. it jumps slightly when go to reverse.
When I brake my brake pedal pulses and the pulse is strong, what could be the cause?
I have a 2006 Torrent that the heater does not work. The blower fan and all the switches are fine. Airflow will change from vent to floor to defrosters. When i turn the temp knob to hot air, only cold comes out. Does...
It just stop working I change the batt. I dont know if it stop working after that are not. Thanks Jim
I have checked have checked the sensor for broken wires or broken sensors none found. ABS module has not stored any codes either.
Is this a common problem? Should it cost $650 to replace?
Temp gauge in rearview mirror showed 140 after five minutes in drive thru. Fans have been replaced, cooling system flushed and filled. What should I check next, this is becoming a money pit, and nothing is fixing th...
Front passenger power window isn't working (closed). all other windows are fine. Auto door lock in that door is fine. Is it a wiring problem, or something else?
What is the cost to replace the fuel pump in the Pontiac Torrent AWD 6 cylinder
wheels are wobbly and also steering wheel
We are very happy with the Torrent and recomended it to 2 other people, they have purchased the same 2006 Torrent. One friend after a year owning it replaced a wheel bearing at 45,000. Seems to be a common problem an...
my rear wiper will not move it sounds like something is loose on the wiper motor