I purchased a 1999 Sunfire with only 28583 miles on it in September 2014. I'm a teacher and only needed it to go back and forth to school and to the grocery store. It had been owned by an older person who had it rustproofed every year and everything seemed good. I had the brakes done, but even after, there was a violent shaking from the rear of the vehicle when I applied them on snow or ice. The mechanic says it's the ABS and showed me how to remove the fuse but said it's illegal for him to remove the fuse because of insurance. The problem is that the car won't stop on ice or snow with it activated, but when I remove it I decrease my stopping distance by half. The brakes work well enough on dry pavement - it's only a problem when the ABS kicks in. I've had ABS on other vehicles and never seen anything like this. I wouldn't mind paying to repair it if I knew what needs to be repaired. Suggestions, please?

Starts bearly an idles but now it dies when took out of park have to really try to keep running before it sounded from exhaust leak and had no horse power 65(70 mph tops slow get up and go thought from blower head gasket but now it won't run in rev or fwd codes said mult mis fire it had no get up and go replaced head gasket and believed to had put back right it idles an ran the same nearly cause now it hard to get it to drive before it stalls out help pleas anny opinions open

I already ensured that the valves are closed when the pistons are TDC, all else seems fine.

Took the car in for reading. Auto place said it was misfiring number three cylinder and also under neath it said random. Told me it needs spark plugs and wires. Changed the plugs and still was doing the problem. changed the coil pack, since in that car there is no wires, just one unit. Car still is making the flashing check engine light and when i floor the gas, it has no get up, takes forever to get up to speed. What else could i do/test to find out/ fix the problem? Thanks

Under the hood?

it happen after it warm up it does it in 1st a lot more then in revs.

Occurred once. Full Tank of gas, but had been eating oil like at least 1 quart every other day. what could it be and how would I fix it.

I bought a used 97 Pontiac sun fire and recently started having problems with it not wanting to stay running. It will start and then cuts off. After much work and back and forth to my mechanic he said it has something to do with my anti theft system. Also I don't have an original key but went to the dealer and had one made from the VIN number but it doesn't have a black resistor strip on the key. I have done the relearn 30 min process but can't do that every time I need to go somewhere. At one point the car worked for about a week and the light would stay on then back to square one with it not wanting to stay running. Should I try the bypass videos that they show on you tube???

It is a Pontiac sunfire2000 2.2L

Have had car for a week & need to use for work but now.I'm back to square 1 since the stupid Anti theft system has screwed me out of 2 days of money. What's the first steps to take so my cat runs? Do I need to get another key, ignition switch, or is it in the wiring?

Its presently disabled in a bad location & I've tried several things to try & disarm the system but to no avail. There's no noise, no clicks or anything when I attempt to turn over but there is.power on radio, windows, heater, etc.. Please let me know what I can do to fix this.problem. Any & all suggestions or advice are appreciated. I've only had the car for a week & I'm feeling way overwhemed & outta luck.

there no pressure when we take cap off

changed the throttle body and no difference still idling too high

daughter tried to shift to reverse and shift handle popped up cant get it back down and shifter it self is just fine

when I go to start my car it goes to start then stalls at least 3 times. then it starts up. there is also a whistle noise first thiing in the morning until it warms up. what is wrong with my car ? soo I know what to fix.

I'm looking to replace heater core on '01 pontiac sunfire and I'm trying to get an estimate of parts/labor here in Michigan??

Either turn the ignition off or take the fuse out while driving to make it stop.

There will be little black drops of liquid on the ground that drip from the exhaust... Also blows a bit of black/blue smoke. Overheated recently and the coolant compartment was empty.... Filled it up, checked later that day and the next day and it was still full (hadn't drove it anywhere though since filling it) then after driving it about 20 k over a period of 3 drives, my 'add coolant' light is on again and car was running hotter than usual but not overheating. Is this black stuff leaking from my exhaust, coolant? Someone told me 'head gasket'? I don't know, I'm just a dumb girl

Heat work. A/c blowing out hot air

About a mile down the road to the gas station and on the way back the car wouldn't go over 20 mph, still shifts to park reverse, 1, 2, 3 but makes a squealing or squeaking sound like metal rubbing metal, and thumping similar to the sound one of my previous cars made when the serpentine belt cracked and was hitting the inside of the hood but different because it isn't a hollow sound like a hood makes but deeper. No service or check engine lights on please help. Thank you!!

Every day all day

windows will roll up sometimes sometimes i replaced the regulator still doing it

how much are the parts and an average price to fix at garage?CAN I CUT THE PIPE AND REPACE WITH RAD HOSE