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Slowest windshield wiper speed doesn't work when it is cold outside.
was runing good, went around conner 1mile or 2 from my house, it started running ruff.
1999 sunfire ..can anyone help??? my engine light came on and it started hesitateing like it was missing out didn't want to go when i was giving it gas the auto store said it was code P0108 map sensor does anyone know...
my car misses really bad and it also dies after about 2500 rpms. i have tried spark plugs, a fuel filter, and a few other things. any ideas on what would make it miss but not make the check engine light come on?
No room and not really reachable from underneath. I have it unplugged and only part way out. No room for pliers or other tools. Have been pulling on it up and down and twisting it. Any ideals would be helpful. :)
driving down the highway the car had trouble accelerating, and would sometimes but not others, and eventually died and will not start. is this the timing chain and if so how much should it cost to get fixed?
Moving the shifter forth and back is easy, but de right-left movement is hard, ans the shifter does not center itself. I also have a hard time engaging first gear. I tried to lubricate the corresponding transmission c...
My electric window no longer comes down. Your advice was that it is the fuse so I just wanted to know if a glass place would fix it or a car repair shop. Which would be cheaper and how much it would cost?
I went to a carwash and manually washed my car with the brush and the high powered water device. After that, I did notice a black wire but it wasn't on the window it was on the side mirror. Then I notice that the wi...
how to adjust valves on a 1996 pontiac sunfire 2.4 liter
my was driving she said it sounded like a belt came off and was slaping has new plugs i pulled 1-3 plug wire and the car dies when i pull off # 4 no change and it does not die it bis getting fire to # 4 wire
I am trying to do a tune up on my wifes car and can't seem to locate the PCV valve. I find what looks like a preather hose to the intake but no valve. After looking on line I keep seeing reports saying that they don...
It occurs at random times. It's happened while backing up, and when turning right.
I replaced everything new in my car (battery, alternator, belt, plugs, plug wires, head gasket, heater core) and when driving it the battery and anti theft lights come on and it just quits and wont start back up unles...
I have recently replaced ball joints, cv axles, tie end rods, hub assemblies and struts (2x). My car is still knocking in the front when I ride over bumps. Could it possibly be the sway bar it self or the sway bar b...
key not all the way on but i turn it un til the light come on and i have to keep doing it until the fuelpummp comes on it dont start until i hear the fuelpump????? help me plz
after starting car it will not shift into 1st gear or any other gear
My coolant is full, there is no leaks yet my coolant light keeps coming on. Why? Is it the sensor or the thermal stat? Or are they the same? I already replaced the water pump, Radiator also. All hoses have been repla...
My 98 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2L has what started as an inconsistent squeak but has progressively turned into a fairly consistent squeal whenever I accelerate.
it start but will die out when it heats up usually at long traffic light
it dies out when it heats up. i tried new plugs . could it be a sensor.or the fuel filter or do i need new wires with the new plugs? no check engine warning lights are on.
cold side heat still comes out and even if the a/c is on is hot air summer is coming and i need the a/c after work plz help . i keep tring things like charging a/c
where is the abs module on a 01?