engine light comes on and trac off light comes and car jerks when pulling out like it is having trouble going into gear. what does this mean?


I put new brakes on the front what would make them rake?

where do you line up the timing marks on a 2.2 ecotec dual cam?

What does it mean when the battery light turns on on my dash?? It starts and runs but the light stays on haven't drove since it came on because I'm scared to. As soon as it came on the ac turned off. I have had nothing but trouble with this car and I bought it new. If it's not the headlights it's the power windows. If not that it's the power locks. Now I've got the battery light. Does anyone else have all these electrical problems?

my sufire keeps overheating,have replace thermostat and coolant?cooling fan not coming on?

If I have all the parts for front and rear brakes, what would the estimate cost be?

My car starts but it immediately turns off by itself, does anybody know what might be the problem?? I have not used it for over 3 months and its a hassle not having a car. Please if anyone can give me an answer it will be greatly appreciated.

The water pump blew and coolant was pouring on the ground.

The frame in the front needs to be replaced and repaired

The heater in my pontiac sunfire stopped in the winter and just now my dad told me to change the heat control switch to see if that was the problem and i did that but now the heat and air work for a couple seconds then it stops.

lately when turning on the system you can barely feel the flow of cool air from the vents,even when set at its highest setting

the air conditioner stops blowing cold air when I come to a stop . it will cool back off again when I start back up

Where is the low side service port for the A/C located?

I have a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire with about 93,000 miles on it. Lately, I've noticed it's become sluggish when accelerating from a stop (like it's taking the gas a second get where it needs to). Didn't really see it as a major issue until the "check engine" light came on. Now my car threatens to die (and sometimes does) whenever I accelerate from a stop, de-accelerate and then accelerate for any turns, or when shifting/accelerating into drive after reversing. When I'm in idle, the car seems just fine. The engine doesn't chug or sound noisy at all. Driving it at any consistent speed above 15 mph doesn't seem to be a problem either, it's only when I slow down to 5mph or less and the speed up.

I'm hoping to get the most information possible before I see my mechanic as I don't really have the money to be throwing away trying to figure out what the problem is. Any thoughts?

we replaced the steering wheel colomn because the ignition switch went out and now it won't start and it started before it was replaced

I have had this car since it was brand new, This morning the car wouldnt start, it has a new battery and alternater is not very old. I think it is the Starter. Any suggestions what else it might be. it has 120000k its been a great car

I only have 5th, reverse gear now. My girl put car in second gear at 40 and down shifted! elliottp@sault.com Thankyou

how much should a brake job cost

Was driving down highway at 65 mph. Instantly started throwing oil out backside of motor. Have inspected and can't find hole in block or any gasket failure. Is there a oil pressure line in this area? Would loss of oil cause low oil shut down?

How do I remove the Rotor? I have pounded on it with a rubber mallet and it won't bust loose. do I need to remove the large nut (1 1/8") on the axle bolt or is the rotor just rusted on?

My sunfire has almost 200,000 miles. I just need to know if the car is still safe for me and my child.

tran jerks hard when put in drive or when it goes through shifting by it self

cant find the relay

Need to know what the sequence is to torque down the Head bolts on a 1999 Pontiac sunfire. Can't find one.

My 1999 Pontiac Sunfire GT 2.4L Automatic Will Not Start. The gear selector moves freely without depressing the brake, but the indicator shows only reverse and no mater what, the reverse lights stay on. You can push the car easily no matter what selection you have on the gear selector, but again, its reading as a perminant false reverse. The key is stuck in the ignition as well. It ran just fine earlier that day, but when i came back to my parked car, nothing worked. It seems the only thing working is the electricity/radio.

What could be the cause of this problem? How can I fix it? And, of course, how much is this going to cost me?

Engine starts hard and won't come much off idle. No power whatsover.

timing chain tension-er loose and chain fell off

can't seem to be able to locate ecm for my 1997 pontiac subfire

Mine needs replaceing Dealer wants 175$$$ Ouch but found a place online for 37.50$$$ Seems a big jump in prioce to be to good to be true huh? Where can I get a used one or new one at a cheper then dealer price I did internet checking and used parts etc but no luck. This is for a new/used trunk latch