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Over the past month my car has been needing a little extra loving to start. Occasionally you can start it easily without pressing the gas but rarely. It cranks for approx 5-10 seconds before it starts and immediately ...
My wife drives a 99 sunfire that totaly destroyed the bearings on the stationary idler pully. When I purchased a new pulley and tried to install it I noticed that there is almost a 1/8" gap between the bolt and the b...
I bought my car in July and I am pretty sure the breaks were done and then when my car was hit in October on the street, the mechanic that fixed my car did the back breaks. I come home from college and the ABS and Bre...
it started overheating check enginelight came on changed thermostat no change what could cause this p.s. blows cold air
no excelleration or power, slows more on hills
where is the fuel filter
If a head light burns out could that trigger the sevice light to come on and off? Or could it be something else.
car won't start, replaced the starter even though they said it was ok because it was old. Lights will come on but wont start. Can not be boosted off either.
The car starts when it is warm outside but not when its cold outside. I was told it is the coolant temp sensor. Is this so..
do i have a timing belt or a chain
i dont know anything about cars...these are the codes and their meanings but i dont understand which parts i need to have checked please help these are the codes and their meanings i'm sure someone could help me know ...
I have put a catalytic converter,change the oil, had a new sensor put in and it still on, what wrong?
I have no power to the fuze that regulates the fuel pump and injectors in the fuze bo. I jump it and got juice to one side of the reay but still will not start
I am not getting any power to the (heater) blower motor at all Does this vehicle have a blower motor relay? Where would that be? Thanks!
my daughter left her headlights on and i had to jump it when she drove away after a couple of minutes the engine died it restated and went a few hundred yards and died again started right back up and then died a third...
My heater is not blowing any heat out at all. I can't hear the blower fan turning at all. When I slammed the glove box shut the blower fan started turning really, really slow.
So i believe my car is misfiring due to a faulty fuel injector...how horrible is it to continue driving it?
my 95 sunfire has ran like a dream since i got it 6 months ago. last week i noticed a fuel injector leaking so i quickly replaced it and now it starts hard, shake, makes moaning noises when i accelerate, has a burning...
My clutch goes all the way to floor. how do i bleed clutch and what type of fluid do i put in?"
My 2002 Sunfire just quit moving while driving down the road. It will go reverse but will not go forward. Any ideas?
How do I replace the drivers side airbag?
I have a 1997 pontiac sunfire and put gas in it then it wouldnt start.I replaced the fuel pump relay and still nothing. the funny thing is I can get it to run if I jump the relay,and when I do that it runs great. all ...
I just had a complete front & rear alignment on my Sunfire. The front probably didn't need it but the rear required shims. The car has 101,000 miles on it. If the rear sway bar needed to be replaced, would that have s...
I need a diagram to show what I have to take out to get to the timing chain. I need all the help I can get.
How do I replece a fuel pump in a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire? I don't want to take it to a shop.
Can I get a step by step instruction on removing the heater core? I have the dash,passenger air bag removed.
My engine is a DOHC. How do I test the ignition coil and control module?
I was woundering how to change my valve seals in my 1995 Pontiac Sunfire its got a 2.2L 4 Cylinder engine with roughly 216,000 miles... any help would be wounderful...
my liguid from the radiator ran out... my brother said the water pump needs to be replaced. How much will this cost to replace?