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The van goes in and out and has a hard time turning or going without the clutch catching
My 2003 Montana accelerates without pressing on the gas and stays fast even when stopped. It bucks when I first accelerate. What could be going on?
when I press the button for the door, it clicks at the door but motor does not run.
My van starts ok a run on idle but when i drive it an turn rigth or go up hill it looses power an dies
I just got the vehicle yes its a little high mileage but not bad. 168xxx, was told nothing wrong with it, test drove it ect, drove fine. After a day or so it shifted a little hard upshifting but nothin real bad only h...
I got pulled over because my brake light on the driver side remains lit up driving down the road. Also notice that the blinker doesnt work right either.
no brake lights, tail lights, turn signals, or back up lights. the light around the license plate work fine. and so does the light above the rear hatch. everything worked fine yesterday out this morning. when head...
My 2001 pontiac montana buck jumps sometimes and stalls. I can start the van and drive around with no problems. when i stop and go shopping the car will buck jump and will quit running. when i get it started it stays ...
I have to press on the gas pedal to get it to start when it is below half a tank
At 40 mph with the rpms at 2000 they will suddenly drop to about 1800 then bump back In od or 3rd gear No lights This is constant
Replaced fuel pump/filter. If I spray a little gas into intake, it will start.
Replaced fuel pump/filter. If I spray a little gas into intake, it will start.
I change them..but it work for a day .. How much is the price for a electrical checked if I take it to the mechanic?
When I start my van and push the brakes, the shifter goes up and down, will not catch in any gear. Not reverse, neutral, drive, none. Just slides up and down. It does it the same, even if the van is not running. I can...
My check engine light came on and one code is PO135 and the other is PO442. First are they linked together as one problem? If not, what am I looking at for repair costs?
On a drive in real bad rain all of a sudden my fuel gauge acted up. First it went to low then full. Now its stuck on full and service engine light on?!? It drove fine unsure what it could be.
I have searched the line between tan and firewall of motor and didn't see it