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were are the drain lines for the a/c the inside of the van is getting wet on the drivers side and it has started to blow hot air
there is a squeak in the rear consule near the seatbelts on the back drive's side. it is not constant and it sound like a puppy. it squeaks weather the car is moving or not.
How would filling transmission fluid too full effect the engine?
Part of the instrument panel -tachometer, speedometer and temperature light are out on console panel. Tough driving at night. Trying to figure out how much it will cost to have it repaired.
My car is overheating. Is the thermostat the only reason for that if it has coolant and no broken hoses?
transmission fluid ,drop pan or fluid exchange? which is better.it's got 85,500 miles on it
camshaft position sensor A-Bank 1 circuit malfunction. Where is it located and how do I repair it? Please someone help. Thank you! Janet
The service stability and traction warnings come on periodically.A station gave us a price of approx. $1200.00 to fix the abs modulator valve. This price seems excessive, is it? Thanks for any help.
Coolant light stays on. Coolant slowly decreases; but the light stays on even when I add the coolant. Some dirty specks appeared in the coolant compartment. Does a mechanic need to change this fluid? Gasoline gauge i...
what is the cost to replace mass air senor?
to expose the power window mechamisms for replacement?
I had a blown head gasket and since I got my vehicle back it has been idling rough and just recently my check engine light came on and it blinks when I accelerate.
My carpet on the drivers side at the left top is getting soaking wet. Is this because of my air conditioning hose being stopped up?
It loses speed going up hills and sometimes takes a while to pick up speed on straight away! Help me please.
Does anyone know where the ac low side service port is on this vehicle
Have leak in condenser and or lines. Need to replace. How?
All of a sudden, the manual sliding door will not open more than a few inches. It starts to open as usual but then stops as though something is blocking the track; however, the track is free of obstacles. Have not h...
where is the shifter control solenoid located
fluid leaks from oil pan gasket on automatic transmission what is the cost install new gasket
The check oil light for our van is on. What does it mean and how do you fix it???
new wiper blades and repair/replace motor for them
My blower motor on air condition has no voltae the fuses and relay check good I need to find the fan motor resistor
Makes a clicking noise when starting off.
went in the store came out and my van wouldn't start the battery is good just won't turn over to start
The drivers window goes down fine. It will not go up to the proper position with out help and will not shut tight. Is it off its track or is it an adjustment?
I have two recurring DTCs (P0122 and P01635); they are pending and hard. I checked the wiring to the throttle position sensor and the PCM with a voltmeter. They checked good. I replaced the TPS (and the IAC becau...
front left and right rear got brake the other tow dont
Front won't spray fluid but back will. Front reservoir is full.
fuel gage doesn't work
ABS engages when stopping; not on ice. Have had bearings replaced and differential fluid replaced, problem still persists. Also makes loud humming noise when turning car into parking lot or parking space. Also have...