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how do I change the fuel filter

where do i find the grease valve for my front wheel bearing

Windshield Wipers don't return to the starting position, they stay on the windshield.

can not get freon to go into valve Not sure if using right valve

How can I fix the middle bucket seats to recline the knob just moves and nothing happens

van ran out of gas. Gas put in tank but still will not start. This is first time. is there somewhere else fuel could be put like carburetor?

how much will it hurt if i turn off the traction controle system

My vehicle, p.montana, after warming up, when I come to a
stop.and the van is on a upgrade or hill will hesitate or drag when I take off. It has poor acceleration after stopping and then take off. I think it may be the transaxel
but do not know how to check this problem.

Engine stalls at idle following long drive (2 hrs.)

well changed bushings and still shakes i dont know what could cause that

could the control arm bushings be causing shimmy vibrations at hiway speeds? the one more viseble looks very loose worn out. i just change'd the balljoints & tierodends but it didnt help much so i would much apretiate an answer.

The center brake light works fine. The problem is with the two rear brake lights. They constantly burn out. Every time I replace the bulbs, they work for a short while, but very soon they stop lighting. When I check the bulbs the plastic base with the thin wiring are all melted and have a burning smell. What can I do?
please send anser to

what approximately should a repacement master cylinder cost including labor?

I need to know what the labor hours call for on job

I noticed on my way to work this morning my car started to overheat. the temp gage went to a little over half way. When I got to work I noticed that coolant was leaking under the car. It seemed to be coming from the rear of the engine.
Is there any type of hose at the rear of the engine that might be leaking?

When I try to warm up the van first thing in the morning, it will not idle to get warm. Once it gets warm, it runs find.

When I amdriving the car kind of slips or a slight jerk but it is usually when i have gone more than 10 miles or when my gas is less than half a tank. I have had my transmission checked and that is not the problem. What could cause the van to do this

For the past three days, this charging system failure goes on. I was wondering if I drive around too much, it will die on me on the highway. Do I need a new battery? And last summer i got a new alternator put in. And everytime i past a puddle of water my driving wheel is hard to turn.

i have a 3.4 liter what would be the cost of replacing the timing chain?

driver side window goes down good but when it goes up its un even after half way up

Do we need to change any thinks ell

abs brake light comes on and says service brakes. Rotors are new and also pads. Is intermitant but may be driving and not using brake but light and service brake comes on.

I have owned the vehicle for 4 years now and probably have gone through about 8 sets of front wheel bearings. Some were cheaper products while others were supposed to be top of the line USA products. They last a few months to less than a year. Any thoughts on why I am having this issue all the time? They replace them under warranty, but this is getting ridiculous.


While driving at a steady 25/35 mph , tach will briefly jump 1000 rpms. sometimes it will be often other times not at all.

Tried to install new PCM did the 30 min relearn now van cranks over but doesn't start no security light on dashboard. Fairly certain fuel injectors turned off. Van at least ran before all of this.

I have been hearing a clunk in my front end when I go over a bump. The service department at my auto dealership said that the bushings on the front end sway bar are loose and need to be replacement - cost about $140 and a one hour repair job. Is this legitimate diagnosis or will it lead to other problems? This problem is not affecting the performance of my vehicle.

how to replace a water pump

My montana enginge temp was running way too cool, so we replaced the thermostat, then noticed antifreeze leaking. We changed the water pump, and now the heat doesn't work. PLEASE HELP!!!???

Front caliper pistons not releasing. New calipers, pedal normal. Master cylinder or possibly a check valve?