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its like a square shape little box thatsunder the key ignition . rite under it . ?
I have check the wires and didn't see anything loose.When it seats still it runs hot when you are driving it cools down.
Fuel tank is full. is this a problem
lubed everything made it more quiet but still stops straight up
my abs ligt is on and someone told me it could be the sensor how much should it cost to repair it
Where is the oil sending unit located
The van just stopped running. Thought I was out of gas but when added it still wouldn't start. Mechanic says it is the fuel pump. Friends are telling me the cost is too much. Advise please.
Only smell gas when engine is running or right after shutoff. Pulled vacuum hose thinking it was fuel pressure regulator but couldn't detect gas. Doesn't happen every day. No hard start or drivability problems. No...
codes say gas cap is the problem, have replaced with both after market and original and still on.
The squealing it very loud it does it when its in idle and in geer
When I cleared the codes, the car returned to normal, until it warmed up. start up nothing- turn off and restart works great for 200-300 feet. I think it is electrical or a bad sensor. All the shops only know one wor...
Mechanic says heater core and related parts ok except for the blend/actuator. Cost $700 to fix that I am not prepared to pay. Where is this assembly located?
when you start the car the oil seal will fail on the filter. I have used several brands, does this on all brands. was told it was a pressure relief valve. replaced the pressuer relief valve in the oil filter area. It ...
The van will go from a cold start to all the way to high temp on the gauge and will start to run rough when it gets to high temp. It will then go down to normal range of temp and will run fine, and then go will back ...
After parking in my driveway and shifting into "Park", the shift arm became loose, so I cannot shift out of "Park".
pressure tested everything seems fine, but still overheats last night a hose at the rear of the engine came off along with a small plastic piece what could this mean?
We changed the intake gasket, head gasket, the coil packs, and modual. We had the spark plugs changed but did not put the platinum ones in. The heads are not cracked.
I have a 2006 pontiac montana and the service stability system keeps popping up. what can i do to fix this and how much would it run me. thank you very much for helping out.
Where is the PCV located and how can it be changed?
changed rotors and pads 15,000 miles ago and the inside of the front rotors are worn, and the pads are almost gone, but the outside of each one is fine. This is on both sides in front
The car loses power when I push the throttle down to try to go into passing gear or when trying to throttle up more power when going up a hill. It feels just like you are applying the brake while holding the throttl...
I had the transmission replaced in my 2006 Montana in December 2010. Now, only 8700 miles and 7 months later, it is going out again. Has anyone else experienced this issue, and if so, what is GM doing about it? I ...
All other buttons work fine, what would cause this problem and how can i get the window back up until i can fix this?
where can i get free manual downlaod or a good website that has free info. thanks in ohio
what would cause my van to rough start almost backfire steam and exes of water comming out of the exaust and litght the service engine on and it wount stop, it runs like if its running out of gas, pings and knocks. i'...