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it was running good and quit. no notice at all
first week heat went out. we flushed the heater core. heat wrked for 4 days. heat went out and engine over heated.im not leaking coolant or oil and they are not mixing in the moter. and i replace the radiator cap. re...
pedal is loose & can be easily lifted by hand
rear side windows quit working some time ago, can't find any mention of a fuse or relay that operate them. Now both driver and passenger windows stopped working at the same time. Replaced fuse and relay as well as win...
the brake lights burn out quick after each replacement..the turn signals seem to only work in the back but wont in the front and when the turn signals are activated they click really fast. The cruise control wont wor...
All doors will lock but only driver's side will unlock with any FOB or switch if temperature is warmer. When outside temperature cools down, problem goes away and all locks function normally. Switches appear to work...
Possible cable problems as there was slack cable hanging out at back of door opening
what would it cost to have heads and manifold intake resurfaced
my radio,clock and dvd player will not work what is causing this to happen.
my rear brake lights will not work even after I put in new bulbs
the door of my van wont open with the car automatic door opener when i press the button even with a new battery.
I have recently had a used instrument cluster installed into my 2004 Montana van. Now my radio says "locked". How do i get rid of this lock and have my radio back on?
186632 miles and was just filled with AC service 4-15-2013
It does do the bucking around as I am driving, everytime I drive. nothing major with the van other than this,need some good insight on this
very eratic, when they come on if i shut engine off and restart the lights on dash stay off till next time which coulbe a day a week or whatever?? if they leave a code in computor should the deasler not be able to ret...
I just put a new fuel pump on my car.but when I go to start my car it still hasitate to start up.what could b wrong with it? my mechanic told me it could be some kind of security system once I putI put the key in the ...
Since replacing The Power Steering pump the T/C and stability lights up also occasionlal the ABS LIGHT. Turn the engine off the light resets when you restart but again turns on when you press the brake peddle
I never happens once I drive it and restart and also fumes go away after van runs 15 minutes or so. A mechanic suggested I put fuel injector fluid in my gas tank because it could be a gunked up injector. I have ran ...
Fuel gauge stays on full when driving. If it sits idling for a time it drops to enpty.
When it rains runs down pillars both sides cant find source of leak
however with person in drivers seat with foot on brake, engine running, hood opened second person can engage the tranny.
after car sat awhile, was able to start up and drove for approx 2-3 miles before doing the same but the idling sound increased before stopping. haven't tried to start van up since.
140/90 hot 140/60 told needs valve heads repaired or replaced, What cost am i looking at. Thanks
i have replaced the fuel regulator and 02 sensors, on im still loosing my fuel pressure. i have to turn key on and off three times before the van will start
my van was running fine then all of a sudden the abs light, low fuel, traction, battery light came on and would act like it has a mind of its own. i shut it off then almost didnt start. even the power locks act crazy....