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the car battery died and started right up after being jumped off. Now the car engine is running, but won't shift from park to drive. The rpm gage is jumping up even though I'm not accelerating. What could be causing t...
It's coming from behind the crank shaft pulley it seems like from the housing it causes my car to over heat and not put out any heat whatsoever how can I fix it
when I took off shift knob, there is a yellow plastic stem that is broken. without the shift knob, I press down on this stem piece and car goes into gear perfectly. so what is this plastic stem piece called and how do...
Lower transmission line is leaking fluid bad. Spraying everywhere. There are two lines, is the lower one the inlet or outlet?
Drove fine to friends garage, got break pressure then turned off and wont start. Lights and radio work just wont run.
And back on and it works fine it shifts fine but also when I stop and go it seems like it slips sometimes the fluid is good when I chexked it but on the dip stick it has little bubbles
symptoms- brake pedal shutters and pulses-also engine temperature gauge doesnt work falls to zero. seems to only happen when engine hot or good and warm. live in cold climate in canada when leave cool down and start s...
What causes this noise? I have replaced the wheel bearing, this noise only happens when making a left turn
was driving fifty five and its like someone shut the transmission off car still runs great
I pulled up to stop and my windshield wipes came on. everything was dead. The fuse box under the hood was burning.
No check engine light, car only usually smokes sitting idle or upon moving from an idle position. I add about a quart of oil a week give or take. Has started idling a little rough, but has not over heated and no coola...
After about 2-3 min my car will start surging and then die. Normal operating temp. Starts right back up. No codes, no lights come on on the dash. Have replaced the IAC valve but stilldoing it. Could the MAF OR TP sens...
If i shut it off and waited a while they would come back but no power and the minute i stoped i would lose them again . but now i have no gears at allowed
Motor runs like a Ferrari shifts great only got 800 in it n I wanna keep it going lmk. 7407051115
Code says transmission control module is not communicating and mileage error
how much for a replacement radiator and hoses for repair for my pontiac grand prix
what do I need to do to replace the timing chain cover gasket on a 2007 grand prix 3800?
Fuel pump was fine. Is their anything we could check or reset to see if something is causing the fuel pump to stop working.
If the blower don't come on by its self i take a hammer and tap the blower then it comes on. twice it has not been working and i hit a bump and it came on but usually i have to tap it with a hammer
132000 on an 2006 Grand Prix. Having symptoms of Head Gasket bad. Already repaired Intake Gaskets, but possibly there were mistakes.'transmission also slips. Told it's possibly torque Converter or flywheel in there .