Track control off light stays on and the RPM drops to zero. Car idles too fast. Key gets stuck in ignition. Can anyone help me?

My radiator fans are not turning on at all. Which is causing my car to run very hot and overheat. I've checked the relays and that's not the problem. I for one do not know how to troubleshoot this issue. I don't know whether I should just replace the temperature sensor or the fan motors themselves.

problem started with no cranking once in awhile then started back firing and stalling.now it cranks but wont start. sometimes it wont even crank.other times starts and runs fine for a while.shows no codes when running.

Downstream ak at map sensor, melted MAP sensor ground wire, fans then shut down,replaced thermostat,plugs melted off.replace the plugs. At 30Mph it was dead in the water. Got it home & pulled codes 141, 171, 300. Replaced Downstream o2 sensor,battery, engine thermal sensor (under thermostat housing). Achieved idiocracy by erasing codes and evading loop mode. Coil check acceptable , correct resistance at plug wire connection on top, continuity though no resistance on bottom of coils. No trigger signal present at ignition module w/ homemade LED tester and engine cranking over.Temp light on Comm..Makes plugged, then flooded sound when attempting to start. Found pcm in 2000 bonneville that I can have reprogrammed for $100, but have recently spent $300 + $7,000 in suspension,steering components, cabin components instruments and tires and wheels, prof. body work+ have much love into it. Is there a temp sensor capable of causing shutdown or no start, or could it be a knock sensor

Ticking type noise in the motor at high acceleration

Water is not mixing with oil.

Phones won't charge anymore. What fuse is it listed under in vehicles fuse box?

It's shaking dragging and when I stopped at a light it cut off. It is now loud and has a foul smell

I read the article on this site:


I understand from this article this can be considered serious. The yellow ABS light has been on for years and for a long time the red brake light would come on intermittently. I could be parked in a parking lot with the engine running and light might just come on or go off. It does not flash or come and go quickly. It was off for months. Then back on again.

Brake fluid has never been low. Sometimes the light would come on or go off if I hit a bump in the road just right. I'm not kidding.

Now the red light stays on and therfore won't pass inspection. A diagnostic was done at the issue was determined to be the ECBM module. Unfortunately, this part is not made anymore and apparently the 1997 used a different kind of ECBM than the several years worth of models before and after it.

Garage working on it has gotten 2 different 1997 ECBM modules and neither has solved the problem and now they are doing "further diagnosis". This is racking up a major repair bill for a car that I don't drive more than a 1000 miles a year. I'm getting frustrated and just looking for some sense in what could be going on here as the mechanics seem to be stumped right now.

Thanks in advance for any info anyone can provide.


Is it worth getting fixed? Would it be expensive? Car is drooped on passenger side ,got mount that had broken completely off. Help unemployed car paid,Please give some advice.Live in rural area so need car to get a job.

I purchased a 2000 Grand Prix and ran a diagnostics test for the check engine light. The only code that came up was P0410. Would a faulty secondary air system cause the interior of the car to reek of exhaust? Even when the car has been sitting in a parking lot for hours, the stench of exhaust can be smelled from yards away. It smells like it's only coming from the front driver's side. Is the secondary air injection system to blame and how much would I expect to pay for parts and labor?

the catalytic converter and intermediate pipe is not connected

Intake manifold or head gasket -- is it possible overheating is caused by one thing and oil in coolant another?

if i replace the turn signal switch will it fix my lights? my high beam lights also come on when i make a right turn.

The adjustable part of the seat is broken and it only lies flat. I don't think just that part can be replaced so need another seat.
I have tried several places online and a few wrecking yards but still haven't found one.

I noticed my driver side head light extremely hot and when I touched the passenger side, it was not hot at all. My car had ran out of gas and when I added gas, it wouldn't start. It turned over, but didn't fire. I thought it was my ignition moduel switch again, but turned out to be the electric ignition fuse. Repalced it and it started completely, but is running terrible. It's as if something is fouling out. My check ingine light was on and at times flashed quite a bit. I know that means a misfire n to pull over and get a tow, but it didn't seem lime it was going to die. When I opened the hood while it was running, the engine shakes more then usual and it sounds like there's a blower on under the hood, but I had all the fans turned off. The car was also starting to overheat. What could possibly be wrong with all this?

My car has a 3.8 and has 42 psi fuel pump pressure. Has 150,000 miles. It idles up when the A/C compressor kicks out and dies when the compressor kicks in. When going down the road is misses at times and now my mass air flow sensor has a code after I cleaned it. It usually dies at stop lights but starts back up.

Turn car off wait a minute and start the car and it would go again for about 100yard what could it be maybe pressure control silnode help

usually happens when backing out of parking space.