Engine runs relatively smoothly once at speed. I thought it was fuel flow (eg filter issue), but learned there is no regular filter to service. There should be no excessive sediment in gas tank that would cause that filter screen to block. I'm thinking fuel pump? There is also some hesitation starting..It will not start without applying the gas pedal. Without pedal it stalls out. Thanks

How to determine what hose is leaking

My car won't start and I am getting the P404 error code. It's cold here now so issues are starting to arise with my vehicle. I just replaced the MAF sensor because that was also causing my car not to start just a couple days before this. The other day, I was warming up the vehicle, it was running for five minutes and then it just died and wouldn't start up again. It died but the headlights and internal electric were still on. The day before I was driving & when I was decelerating from a high speed my car "glitched". It's internal electric just sort went off for only a moment, but it was still noticeable and concerning. Also, the voltage (not sure if that's the right word for it) on the battery is higher than it should be. It's at 15 when it should be around 14 I believe. Any suggestions on whether the larger issue might actually primarily be this code or whether it's other issues not found with a check engine light?

Every time I try to accelerate the engine runs rough., black smoke in my tail pipe it hesitates when I try speeding

No OBD II codes. Disconnect ignition control module and reconnect and car will start and run until. Once it dies it will crank but not start or it will start once and die almost immediately. Problem is not temperature related.

Had a leak in intake manifold,wich caused the crankcase to fill with oil and the car was driven for a while like this.I replaced the intaken manifold gasket,now the push rods are opening the valves slightly so theres no compression, I have them withb the 5.68 lenghts in the intake and the 6"lengths in the exhaust valves but they are opening the vallves,there is no adjustment on the rocker arm,it says to just torque the rocker arm bolt down what could be wrong?Hope someone can help.

What pulley could it be

i have replaced ignition module,coils,spark plugs and wires ,but i still get diagnostic code 42

I have a 2004 grand prix that runs rough at low rpms below 1000k. I get codes p0101 and p0068. It seems to run rich. Sometimes it will go into reduced power mode run for 30 seconds then die. I've Cleaned the throttle body and maf.

Lights, radio, and lights all work. Happened after jumping a friends car. Not the starter, Tried a button starter, will not make any sound or no warning. Simply will not start.

I had the throttle body and serpentine belt replaced about a week ago.

The headlights will turn on and off by themselves when the car is just sitting. Nobody will be in the car and it won't be running. It seems to happen at random times. This is very persistent and kills the battery almost daily.

N it was hard to turn my wheel is it my power steering pump n if so what parts will i need to fix it

The guy did a diagnosis and told .e he could not determine if its a blown gasket unless he takes the top of engine apart and charged me 500 to do so.. Did he cheat me??

I'll change the course pack the crank sensor the fuel filter in my car still wont start I took it to 3 people and each person said it's not getting a spark so can someone please tell me what else do I need to do is not the security we done check that so what else could it possibly be please help me?

Then it began to stall then kill. Now it doesn't want to start at all. I have changed spark plugs and wires, and battery. What can cause this problem?

The signal lights on the drivers side work intermittently comes up on dash display as "front signal out" or "rear signal out" thought the bulbs still work. When the message appears the blinker blinks faster. When the fog lamps are on the front signal will not work on drivers side. A couple of times during a drive the dash display will say service traction and service abs. If you shut off car it will go back to working. Sometimes it just says abs or just traction. If the heat is on full and you turn the wipers on the heat will stop working (replaced thermostat already). It looks like lots of random electrical problems to me but I'm not sure where to start looking. Please advise?

It don't do it every time but it happens alot.I mean you can push the gas petal all the way down and it will push out of it.but it a like after you take your foot off that's when it starts going

It happens when I try to accelerate quickly. If I go slowly, I don't notice it.

Changed today drove about five miles car cut off and won't start.

I have a Pontiac grand prix and typically when it's first started or after it has Sat for 30 mins or so on restart engine has rough idle, when given gas steadily it will still lose rpm in which you have to pump the gas again, sometimes it straightens out sometimes it dies and heads up display says reduced engine power and won't restart, where we then have to unhook the battery and wait 10-15 mins, hook back up then restart and give it gas until it straightens out. Mass air flow sensor has been changed.