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I cleaned the throttle body, IAC, EGR, and still have idle and stalling while still.
i havent had the car for very long.. okay, it shifts hard most of the time, and it seems to not want to down shift, i have to put it in 1st if im climbing a hill or it dies, it dies at stop lights too. it has alot of ...
I have replaced a bad hub bearing and cleared the codes that indicated it was bad. The ABS still engages while driving and when I brake in non hazardous conditions. Tried hooking it up to a scanner but the car shuts t...
Change Oil Soon light never goes off.
I have oil leaking from my car that causes my low oil light to come on from full after about 5 days. The oil appears to be coming from the area of the boot of the engine, near the belt.
no leak by head gasket,no leak by water pump, losing 3/4 gal every 2 weeks
Well my car was working fine til next morning. It won't. Turn on it won't make a sound. When turn over prior to that my fuel was low so I thought I ran out of gas so I went to go put more fueland nothing my arrow wou...
We just started buying it and today I look it up and it has all these recalls did we just get a lemon?the place were we are getting it we got a 30,000 mile warranty on it what to do?
The ignition switch would not return to it's normal position. I could not remove the key and the engine would keep running. My mechanic did something which allowed it to stay in the accessory position. The car conti...
Half the heater on one side is not working
My ignition key doesn't completely shut off. I have purchased a new lock cylinder but I am not sure how to change it. Is it an easy process or will it take a while to change?
replaced a faulty Maf sensor and now the vehicle won't stay running unless you hold the accelerator down once engine reached normal temp. It will flutter and sometimes stay running when accelerator is released or it m...
The engine seems to be running a little rough and my dealership told me before about replacing my sensor.
My heat is stuck on high without the option of being able to adjust the temperature as well. Even if I shut off the car the blower motor continues running so I have been disconnecting the cable under the glove box tha...
Tried a new heater motor . Still no fan . I have power to the plug in. Any help appreciated.
we replaced the window motor but now we think its the window switch wont raise the window up but will go down cant find a switch for 1994 grand prix
when the car is cold it works fine but once it warms up it misses or hesitates when accelerating to interstate speed. I get a P0300 code when accelerating to high speeds. car hesitates and miss fires.