My low coolant light is on, but my radiator is full and so is my overflow tank? Any suggestions?

How do I change the oil pan on a 2002 pontiac grand prix? looks like it is pretty rusted and the oil pan gasket is leaking.

1995 Pontiac GP(SE) with 3100 engine. Brake pedel frequently (but not aways) "sticks" at the top of its travel position. By applying firm pressure the "sticking" releases the pedel and brakes can be applied normally. Doesn't seem to happen with car not moving (engine running).Does the car have a "proportioning valve" or does the ABS system take care of that aspect of the braking? Again, does not happn all the time but frequently enough to be disconcerting.

I noticed that my traction control sysytem is defective since 11-19-10till now. the message on screen started to pop up since that time. it started to show up along with the problem. i quit driving my car because of the snow,whenever i drive it,it gets slipped and drifted left and right as if it is dancing. i was about to make car accident for 3 times because of it. it is snowing heavily lately in MT so i can't drive this car while it has this problem.please will you answer my question with details about this defect and how much does it cost me to repair it.


My cruse control quit working and then 3 days later my headlights stop working tail lights are working and blinkers are working when I pull the blinkers to put the dims on they work but as soon as I let go they is nothing

Noise only when moving....sounds like something spinning...reminds me of speedometer cable possibly..driver side under hood

How do I know when the low beam headlights need to be replace? Does the Driver Info Display let me know?

The Service ABS and Service Traction system Lights come on and go off intermittently and while the light is off the braking is erradic and the pedal reacts funny, when light is on brakes operate fine.

theres a tsb that says the exhaust valve stem seals may be in need of replacement. ive no visible leaks... no smoking from car.. but it eats oil like a pig. (only 48,000 miles on it of mostly stop and go city driving). any clue how long a repair this would be and about how much it should cost?

how do I go about removing the cover below the radio to repace bulbs that light up the drivers and passengers side heating controls.

Sometimes low beam headlights don't turn on at night; when I attempt to turn the control to manual off/on for them, the switch on the lever won't turn them on, and goes back to off, what is wrong?

My 2006 Grand Prix just hit 75,120 miles (120 after the warantee expired) and the waster pump started "chirping" the other day. Today I noticed it is running hot and there appears to be some anti-freeze around the pump. Is this fairly easy to replace? I'm pretty handy, but not sure if I should tackle this. Also, should the timing belt be replaced now that I've hit 75,000 miles?

while trying to replace a brakeline, i accidently stripped out the connection to the abs module. not the screw-part but the thing the screw-part goes in. it has been temporarily jb- welded but i was wondering how to go about fixing it without buying a whole new abs module as they are hard to find and are expensive.

How do you change the low beam light switch

low beams shut off intermittently all other lights functioning

I have the headlights set to Auto because of day/night sensor, but in the winter time, the low beams sometimes won't come on; so I have to use high beams. the next day, they are fine, by the time by wife gets off of work, then they won't come on--what is wrong? Is it a fuse issue?

How much can a person expect to pay for a replacement of a wheel bearing.

I replaced all the bulbs behind the dash board but my speedometer, tachometer, fuel level etc. lights do not turn on. Could it be the switch maybe? the check engine light and gear select lights etc. all light up though.

how do u know when a rack pinion is gone bed


the car is leaking coolant and it appears to have water in the oil i see water leaking around the intake

The heater only blows out room temperature air when climate control is up to 90 degrees. The temperature gauge is also running on cool side.

fuel pump pumping fuel in to air cleaner when i turn key on. to much fuel to be able to start

Funny thing is it occasionly comes on. slam truck lid the other day & it can on. I started having promblem when my manifold gasket blew. I had it repaired and the AC quit working. But comes on ever so often. But not for the last month sense it cooled down

Meter detects proper impulses on cable plug connector (at strut mounted cruise control module/servo motor) from both control switch on turn indicator and from brake control switch under dash.

Where is the blower motor resistor on a 2006 pontiac grand prix located

Today the water pump is leaking antifreez

what is average cost to replace waterpump?

the motor started to knock today and i have no idea why it just had a new motor put in and its having way to many problems i just want to know what would cause it to knock