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How do you remove the center console.
i just replaced the spark plugs and wires i just want to make sure, i have the fireing order right on my 1999 pontiac grand prix 3.1 ltr
my car is shifting at 4000 rpm's and not shifting on time could it be the vss or something else,im all ready dealing with a po300 random missfireing, i dont know if they have nething to do with each other but they sta...
During highway driving, my car showed a "charging system failure" warning message. The light came on and went right back off. I checked the voltage which read 13.75. I had the battery and the alternator tested. Both c...
I pressure washed the motor and when I put the car in the garage the DRL activated and the lights came on. I turned the car off and the lights remained on, draining the battery. I pulled the DRL fuse and the headlam...
My driver side front window will not move up. The button only rolls now not up. So now it is stuck in the down postion. All the other buttons on there do work. I was just wondering if someone could give me some po...
Why is my car overheating if there is coolant in the car and the reservior is full, but is now overflowing?
Does the 2001 Grand Prix have shocks or sturts?
my ac/heat blower will not turn off. even when the car is not on.
I cannot find this in the owners manual
Where is the temperature sensor located on my 06 grand prix 3.8
My car is a 1998 grand prix gt. New air conditioner blower motor. The controls have 1-5 but 1 and 5 do not work. I was told that it could be a relay switch
Car has 113000 on it. Headlights appear dim compared to other vehicles we drive. One lamp appears foggy also. Any suggestions
low beams dont work all other lights work
Where is the canister purge valve located and how do you replace it?
When I need to make a left hand turn my steering wheel start to get very tight. What do you think the problem is?
where are the bolts that connect the motor to the transmission and how many bolts are there?
my car stalls when coming to a stop, restarts instantly, may or may not idle, keep rpm over 1000 runs fine, any ideas?
The 1-4 blower controls dont work. 5 works fine however. If you try to use 1-4 the headlights cutout. I've narrowed that down to the ignition switch. But my a/c blows hot air. The compressor will run and it has the co...
My Pontiac Grand Prix 98's been sounding like if it has a water fall inside and the passenger floor is wet. What could be the problem?
steering wheel removal. has radio controls on it. thanks
i replaced abs module etc with regular brake master cyl etc how can i get abs lights etc to not come on since there is no abs but it had several wires left hanging, thanks
When I run the air conditioning in humid weather on my 1999 Grand Prix GT, I end up with water on the passenger side floor. It appears to be coming from behind the glove box, and it also ruined my fan motor. Is there ...
The driver side front window on my 1999 Grand Prix GT has stuck in the down position. I thought it may be the window motor, so I switched it out with the rear window. The motor worked there and the window went up and ...
Well I have been driving my car for a couple of days an now it shifts funny hesitates when gas is applied an has a problem shifting gears Car is a automatic.. .... Also when driving up hill it looses power what would...
Recently my car has been dying right after i start it. why is this? i got a new battery about a month ago.
release tension to chang the belt
Hi, I have a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT (3.8L L36 Motor - Normally Aspirated). After the car not running for 4 weeks - would stall aout after warm up with no Codes display) I fianlly deducted that it was the MAF Sen...
i have a 2000 GP supercharged and i just replaced the batt and it developed a short somewhere anyone know what i cld be. its already drained my new batt and wont stay charged.