Car starts and idles just fine but when gas is pressed it dies. tried the computer, catililitic converter, fuel regulator.

Odometer works sometimes but seems to not record all the time.

module has rusted and broken loose from the rack and pinon. Can it be replaced without replacing the whole rack and pinon.

My heater was working on levels 1-4 not 5 and then they all quit on me. The resistor works in the opposite direction. What could cause the problem? The blower motor itself?

my rear tire hit a curb bending a bar and causing the tire to rub

I put on a K&N 57 Series FIPK air intake and a 2.5 cat back exhaust on. Now the car surges and misses under hard acceleration. I have only had the check engine light come on one time and then it went back off. I am Confused and don't know what to do to fix the problem.

turn on heater and it blows cool air. no leaks or smells

Off and on I can hear water sloshing in the dash. It just started about a month ago and it isnt all the time. I have already had the thermostat replaced 1 year ago and the water pump about 4 years ago.

always when on a bad road, all four shocks make the rattling noise.

about a month ago,i noticed my drl`s were off.Later my radio display would flicker on and off.i could tap it and it would come back on.Now it`s off for good.Also my blower motor seems to run when it wants to.when it stops i have to shut the car off and restart it.Most of the time it comes back on.Are they any relation to these three problems.Any help needed.thanks much

has maf code

car stalls when its warmed up and tries but doesnt restart. also wont rev over 4000 rpm. ign module tested good

Noticed a grinding noise, similar to the sound of a high-speed metal grinder on the right side of the engine around the tire well when I started the car. It had been sitting for about 11 hours in single digit temperature, but as the engine heated up, the noise stopped.

yesturday my heater just quit blowing out hot air,would it be the thermastat?its like the air conditioner is on,or would it be something else?the car isnt over heating????????

When I start the car, sometimes I hear a whinning noise before the car starts.

the 1996 grand prix gtp will not send power to the inition the key is stuck in the on spot and will not send power to the fuel pump our the dash how ever the info center will come on and the radio and heater but no power to the stater our dash could it be the ignition board

how do I replace the heater core

The engine light turned on like 3 years ago. I took it to have it checked at the shop and my mechanic told me not to worry about it. I have had no driving problems with my car to make me think there's something wrong. I diligently service my car at the regular intervals. Yesterday my car failed the emission test and I need to correct this problem to renew my car registration. Do you know what exactly code P2440 means and how much would it cost to fix it?


How much does it cost to replace a belt tensioner assembly

Heard a grinding sound, shut the engine down. There was evidence that A/C charge was dumped from the blow off valve on bottom of compressor. Did the expansion Valve cause this? Is it hard to change? Shouldn't there be a high pressure switch to shut down the compressor? Can the expansion valve be changed easley under the hood only? Should I look for other reasons it happened? 130,000 miles. louverguy@aol.com

blower motor will not shut off.have to remove fuse or disconnect battery

I get a knocking noise in my steering and can feel it in the brake pedal or the floor when I turn the steering wheel when going slow. Any suggestions?

i was driving and ran out of gas then it begins to knock loudly

Thank you for all the help you have given me. This has helped me a whole lot I will let you know the out come. Thanks again Mastertech6371 I work on cars a lot would like your advice if needed in the future.

if i can't clear the heater core, what is the best way to remove the heater core on this 1992 grand prix

how would you recommend i flush the system? the radiator is good. could i take the side of the hester hose that i can disconnect and take my garden hose and connectit to the heater hose and flush it that way?

would the blend door before the heater core cause the same problem as a plugged heater core if the door was not working right?

Where is the PCV Valve located?

I have a problem with warm to no heat. the upper and lower radiator hoses are hot one side of the heater hose is hot the other side warm could the heater core be plugged? if so could i try to flush out the system? or replace the heater core Need help