all the time

The heater only seems to work if I'm driving down the interstate. Idling, or driving through town, the air blows, just never gets warm. We've replaced the thermostat and that didn't help. So now we're at a loss. HELP!

Why do my windsheild wipers rest in the up position when turned off

Driving on freeway, went to pass a car, my car went down a gear to 3rd passed the car & my car never went back to 4th gear or overdrive. All other gears work good, fluid level good. Still able to drive, just runs at higher rpm, been like this for 2 days now. Service eng soon light came on about 5 miles after losing overdrive, connected ETHOS scanner, got P1870 code (transmission component slipping), cleared code, light went & stayed out, still have problem. Have 215000 miles on car, tranny rebuilt at 108000 miles. Suspect internal problem?

how do i fix my air and heat control i cant change it from it from vent.it always stays on vent

when you start the engine it idles fine for 2 to 3 seconds then shuts off. if you rev the engine up and down at 3 to 4 thousand rpm you can keep it running but if you hold a steady throttle or let it idlr it dies. It dosent miss or smoke and i havent found any obvious vacum leaks and i have changed the maf sensor and it dident change anything.It is a supercharged 3800

i noticed about a week ago that my car did not feel as warm as it use to. there was not enough heat coming out of the vent to keep me warm. but enough heat was coming out to melt the snow off the windshield. i am not sure whats going on with the heat in my car.

About how much fuel is left in the tank when the Low Fuel Light comes on?? Thank you

radio works fine ,but can't see what station I'm on.

how much to replace the sway bar and end links

My 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix is leaking power steering fluid, and I need to know how much it would cost to have the unit replaced if I have to go that route?

when you give car gas or driving and go faster ...the egr valve is getting exhaust out of it...which is making a loud noise??? cat. converter be cloged??

I am working on a 2001 Grand prix 3.8 ltr non super charged the customer's complaint is stall condition then will not restart for 1/2hr to 2 hours.
I picked up the car and drove it back to my shop it stalled as i pulled in. once i got to my tools and went to the car the car started and has not stalled for me in 3 days. I cannot rule out the crank sensor, the cam or the ignition module at this time. tries wiggle test, verified all grounds etc. Fuel pressure remains during stall condition, any ideas on this. thanks

car has lights ,radio,window functions,but will not crank,all I hear is a buzzing sound.It has three coils together not sure if they are all for the ignition.

good year quoted me a $600 dollar price on the coolant system. is that a good price or where should look to find a better price?

when I'm driving up hill my cars RPM level off at leverl 3 and it jerks forward and backwords as it struggles to go uphill. It also seems like it will shut off when the RPM goes down to level 1 but again it just jerks front and back.

heater control knob fell off

need to replace the black thing that the front bulbs connect to. don't know what's it called to order.

need a new fuel pump installel

Car starts and idles just fine but when gas is pressed it dies. tried the computer, catililitic converter, fuel regulator.

Odometer works sometimes but seems to not record all the time.

module has rusted and broken loose from the rack and pinon. Can it be replaced without replacing the whole rack and pinon.

My heater was working on levels 1-4 not 5 and then they all quit on me. The resistor works in the opposite direction. What could cause the problem? The blower motor itself?

my rear tire hit a curb bending a bar and causing the tire to rub

I put on a K&N 57 Series FIPK air intake and a 2.5 cat back exhaust on. Now the car surges and misses under hard acceleration. I have only had the check engine light come on one time and then it went back off. I am Confused and don't know what to do to fix the problem.

turn on heater and it blows cool air. no leaks or smells

Off and on I can hear water sloshing in the dash. It just started about a month ago and it isnt all the time. I have already had the thermostat replaced 1 year ago and the water pump about 4 years ago.

always when on a bad road, all four shocks make the rattling noise.

about a month ago,i noticed my drl`s were off.Later my radio display would flicker on and off.i could tap it and it would come back on.Now it`s off for good.Also my blower motor seems to run when it wants to.when it stops i have to shut the car off and restart it.Most of the time it comes back on.Are they any relation to these three problems.Any help needed.thanks much

has maf code