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Code says transmission control module is not communicating and mileage error
Hey eveyone I was on the freeway going 70 and out the blue my mph started to decrease but shortly after it goes back up then about 20 seconds later I hear a noise then white smoke started to come from under the hood. ...
It will start right up sometimes and drive for another 5-10 miles or it wont start for atleast 20 min or so.Sometimes it wont start for an hour or so.I checked the fuel the pressure on the fuel rail and im getting a s...
how much for a replacement radiator and hoses for repair for my pontiac grand prix
heater only works on high and daytime running lights go out on 1 thru 4. i have changed the resistor.
what do I need to do to replace the timing chain cover gasket on a 2007 grand prix 3800?
Fuel pump was fine. Is their anything we could check or reset to see if something is causing the fuel pump to stop working.
If the blower don't come on by its self i take a hammer and tap the blower then it comes on. twice it has not been working and i hit a bump and it came on but usually i have to tap it with a hammer
This problem occurs mostly when it's colder out and more from the right turn signal than the left. I can make them return to low beam by pulling back on the signal light switch.
132000 on an 2006 Grand Prix. Having symptoms of Head Gasket bad. Already repaired Intake Gaskets, but possibly there were mistakes.'transmission also slips. Told it's possibly torque Converter or flywheel in there .
Battery is charged but it just clicks if u boost rolls over real slow
it idles fine but once its in drive its back to riding rough cant accelerate as normal and once its done sputtering between gears still wont hardly drive even with pedal to the floor chexk engine light on misfire code...
Reverse is now like neutral. Shortly after the failure, and occasionally, I could drive forward, hit the brakes, shift into reverse, and reverse would work and hold firm. Now, nothing. I almost want to rule out worn r...
I cleaned the throttle body, IAC, EGR, and still have idle and stalling while still.
i havent had the car for very long.. okay, it shifts hard most of the time, and it seems to not want to down shift, i have to put it in 1st if im climbing a hill or it dies, it dies at stop lights too. it has alot of ...
I have replaced a bad hub bearing and cleared the codes that indicated it was bad. The ABS still engages while driving and when I brake in non hazardous conditions. Tried hooking it up to a scanner but the car shuts t...
Change Oil Soon light never goes off.