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There was no warning no noises just loss of steering whan i refilled it it gushed right out dow NC and to the left near drivers front wheel. It was cold in the teens for 3 to 4days prior. 2000 Daytona 500edition 160 ...
I tried replacing the MAF sensor no change iou f I unplug the Made it will run but irradicly any ideas would be appreciated
I bought this car used and all the stats that are supposed to show such as "fuel used, avg econ, oil life, and range" all flash zeros on my screen. I have tried the reset button but to no avail, it does not change. Th...
I installed a new alternator and a new battery in it, but the battery light still comes on shut my car off
I believe my owners manual says it relates to the content alrm or something. Thanks
When driving, the dash lights on my 1997 grand prix GTP will randomly flash or flicker, and sometimes the ABS light will come on, and sometimes the air bag light will come on, then when I come to a full stop, my car h...
When i roll up the window, as soon as i let go of button, it goes back down. after a couple times of trying it wont go up at all. I have changed out the switch. Worked for about a week then started happening again. La...
I recently replaced the coil for the number 3 and 6 cylinders do to a P0303 DTC, cleared the code, but noticed that my reader says possible problem and the EV, O, C, OH, and E lights flash. When I start my engine soun...
what button do i press to release the key tumbler lock
cost to repair anything that involves repair on timing chain assembly parts price and labor cost? 98 pontiac grand prix gt?
won't shift
When I turn on my blower switch it turns off my dash electrical and my headlight.When the car is turned off then turned back on the electrical is reset and back on. I heard that this was caused by the ignition switch ...
Or timing belt? How can I tell if it was ever changed?
driver side windshield wiper arm flops to the side and gets hung up with the side mirror and the passenger side doesn't move up & down at all, but I can hear the wiper motor running, what can cause this?
my car only clicks once and then just dings four times . some times when my blinker is on to turn left its like there is no power. or when i push the hazards in it seems normal. i have no read out on my OBD2 reader wh...
Automatic transmission will not work in Drive. Must use manuel tap shifters.
I took my car into the dealership because I heard a knocking. They advised me that the flywheel was cracked and needs to be replaced. What is a fair estimate for service and parts?
my headsup display works sometimes other times no i have to bang on dash to get them to work what should i look at
car was towed key was left in ignition overnight slightly turned next day had 2 jump 2 leave yard rode car 4 2 weeks then let it sit 4 awhile now it wont start with a jump or new battery also had leakage after all this