What is said on the machine was it was a random misfire

and is it difficult to replace myself?

is it difficult to replace?


I checked my oil and now the dip stick want go all the way back in.

After the car warms up a while, it seems to stop. It only makes the noise when the car is in motion. It does not change with turns or brake application

Happens mostly when first starting and after driving for a while...

defogger is not working

180K miles..rus smoke...but balancer making noise/vibration when putting a load on the engine,


won't shift

When I turn on my blower switch it turns off my dash electrical and my headlight.When the car is turned off then turned back on the electrical is reset and back on. I heard that this was caused by the ignition switch in the steering column.I heard that this was a common problem and don't want to get ripped off by the dealer. Thanks!

2002 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.8L supercharger

Or timing belt? How can I tell if it was ever changed?

the car intermittently has a hard time shifting into gear and it feels as if the transmission is slipping. I can drive to work for 40 minutes and it will be fine, then on the way home it may start having a hard time shifting into gear and sometimes the speedometer wont work. What could this be??

How to replace the right side mirror on a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix? The mirror and the housing popped off.

while driving the other day my car turned off and would not stay running replaced belts and batere.checked the alternator it has gas fule pump was replaced need car for work cant aford to not fix it

my code came out as the throttle position sensor I would like to know how to replace it, is there a certain way to replace it.

Is there a secret to removing this wire, I can not get it to come off the spark plug.

I am having trouble removing the spark plug wire on the spark plug behind the engine next to the fire wall.

Why would my engine overheat on the highway once without reaching red and cool down within a second to normal highway temp which is 180 after changing an intake gasket?

When you go to start the car it will start but won't stay running. But I tried starting it in nuetral and it started and stayed running. But if driven somewhere and shut off doesn't want to stay running when started. 60964

driver side windshield wiper arm flops to the side and gets hung up with the side mirror and the passenger side doesn't move up & down at all, but I can hear the wiper motor running, what can cause this?

my car only clicks once and then just dings four times . some times when my blinker is on to turn left its like there is no power. or when i push the hazards in it seems normal. i have no read out on my OBD2 reader when i plug it into the car. why?

Automatic transmission will not work in Drive. Must use manuel tap shifters.

I put a new starter in it and so it turns over now but wont start.Tested all fuses and put in new fuel pump relay.Pump tests fine, has spark. Can hot wire pump so its on at fuse block but wont fire up. antitheft not flashing. pulse at injectors will be checked. Have many wire scematics and testing troubleshooting done but confused. Cleaned all cable ends of battery and starter. any help?

engine is overheating ???

hi i have a 97 grand prix gtp that seems to have a ticking sound like a lifter is tapping and the low oil life light flashes when its running. It just recently developed this problem and i was wondering if it could be the oil pump because the car shows full on the dip stick.

where is the trans presure switch located on these cars.

Night lighted area on my gear shift panel does'nt light up it is completely dark.