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I took my car into the dealership because I heard a knocking. They advised me that the flywheel was cracked and needs to be replaced. What is a fair estimate for service and parts?
How much should it cost to have headgasket valvecovers and supercharger gaskets and fluids replaced in my 99 gtp
How much will it cost to have the head gasket valve cover gasket and supercharger gaskets and fluids replaces in my 99 gtp
stalling,cant run car long without tempeture going higher than normal. cant drive too far before it starts to stall and i have to take my foot off the gas then slowly give it gas to build up speed
need step by step on how to do it
I recently replaced my fuel pump relay and discovered some brand relays work and some do not in this location. Every brand tested good out of the car using a battery and ohmeter.I checked the relay socket and all was...
my headsup display works sometimes other times no i have to bang on dash to get them to work what should i look at
pulled fuse turns off, put fuse back in and it turns on again. pulled harness of ac control module and it still continues to run. what have I not checked?
car was towed key was left in ignition overnight slightly turned next day had 2 jump 2 leave yard rode car 4 2 weeks then let it sit 4 awhile now it wont start with a jump or new battery also had leakage after all this
My driver information center is not lighting up at all and the heads up display is not working, it moves up and down but no numbers are displayed. All fuses are good any ideas of what else it could be?
My son was driving his car and it shut off. He can start it but once he puts it into drive it shuts off. He had it towed and a mechanic told him he needs a new engine. Does this seem right? Please help!! THanks. ...
alarm will go off at any time for nothing at all
stop car put in park turn off engine key will not come out of ingntion ??? z4loop@ verizon.net
I was driving home from work one night about 2am and my car shut off from overheating. I checked under the hood and found out that the radiator cap had come off and majority of the coolant had left the car. I turned t...
car stalled several times in 3 months like it ran out of gas would crank but not start-but after 5 minutes started- now wont turn over -not even 1 click--radio lights do work praise the Lord! my son came over and wen...
is the differential assembly part of the transmission?
car won`t start competely dead also key is stuck and won`t come out ???
I put in 1qt. of transmission fluid inside the transmission when the sensor read low? what could be the problem?
I put in 1qt. of transmission fluid inside the transmission when the sensor read low? what could be the problem?
I get a single engine knock upon stopping my vehicle, and the same upon accelerating my vehicle from a stop. Any ideas what may be causing this noise?
I park my Grand Prix in a garage. I have noticed twice in the last two weeks a puddle on my garage cement floor right below the left rear tailpipe. The puddle size is about the size of a basketball and it drys within ...
Car starts, runs for 2 seconds and dies. Happens over and over. Thanks.
What is the firing order
When I turned on my a/c the air is not blowing out of all the vents. Out of the five vents on two are blowing cold air. Now, is there some type of flapper door that is suppose to open and close depending on what you h...
I have a 2004 Grand Prix GTP, there is a hose that connects from the engine block to the water pump, which broke off in the middle, now there is only a piece of the hose in the engine block, and a piece in the water p...
intermitten start problem
car has 100,000 miles, check wiring harness from each front wheel (no breaks) advice?
it has been going on for a week. found it was a rod in the motor.want to know price of rod
what would cause my car to shake when you speed up
where is the drain hose for the air conditer,i have water coming in the car ,also why would it only cool on driving side