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this is my first time having this problme. help me out trid wasteing money on gas
took the cv axle out to replace them notice the fittings are different not sure if they r suppose to be like that thanks
when cruising 50 mph or 60 if i give it some gas the rpm's go up and then slowly come back down before it starts to gain any mph is that transmission slipping or what
occasionally there is nothing when you turn the key. If I turn the fanbelt just a little, it will start. The crank position sensor was changed with original part about 6 months ago.
all of sudden wheel got very hard to turn,than wheel keeps turning around and around ?? checked steering fluid and was ok??
air comes out cold on drivers side comes out hot passenger side??
what is the function of the crank sensor ??
what can i do to help get this higher
car will shut off while on the road or when stop will not start? will start eventully.
I have taken to autozone and they ran scan. All the sensors are good. Condition comes and goes but starting to stay on more frequently. Notice power steering doesn't seem to be working when lights are on. Gas mileage ...
It smelled like wire burning and I was wondering what could cause it. It comes on but that is about it. I took it to Autozone but they weren't able to run the codes
when cranking my car it has a really bad miss. the code reads random/multiple cylinder misfire. I just replaced the plugs and wires. I also tested the coil packs to check the firing and all produced a big blue spark l...
ran out of gas and the car cut off. after adding more gas it wont start back up
why is it still quitting been on the mon.machine shows noting abs and track also on.
What is said on the machine was it was a random misfire
I checked my oil and now the dip stick want go all the way back in.
After the car warms up a while, it seems to stop. It only makes the noise when the car is in motion. It does not change with turns or brake application
Happens mostly when first starting and after driving for a while...
180K miles..rus strong...no smoke...but balancer making noise/vibration when putting a load on the engine,
won't shift
When I turn on my blower switch it turns off my dash electrical and my headlight.When the car is turned off then turned back on the electrical is reset and back on. I heard that this was caused by the ignition switch ...